To obtain a residence or work permit in the United Arab Emirates, expatriates need to be free of all types of communicable diseases such as Tuberculosis and HIV. Workers under certain categories should also test negative for Hepatitis B and Syphilis. These include:

• Domestic workers such as drivers, housemaids and nannies
• Workers in nurseries
• Workers in health clubs
• Workers in beauty centres and saloons
• Workers and food handlers in cafes and restaurants

For this, it is mandatory to take a medical test from a VIP medical test centre. The standard health examination at any Weqayati smart medical centre involves screening for various communicable diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, leprosy and tuberculosis. This includes:

A thorough physical examination by a doctor
A chest x-ray
A blood test

However, every medical test centre strives to offer a streamlined and hassle-free experience to visa screening applicants. Today, they provide high-quality, safe and fast medical screening services at modern facilities to ensure superior comfort and an expedited process. Many of them are adopting advanced technologies to support customers in completing medical screening trouble-free.

Weqayati medical fitness centres for visa are authorised by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. They perform medical screening for foreign nationals seeking residence visas or work permits in the UAE. Most of these centres leverage smart technology to provide a broad range of facilities that include:

Fully digital medical testing for speedier results and to fast-track the visa process
A smart queue system with a virtual token facility ensures no more long waiting lines or customer frustration
Emirates ID and medical screening application typing
Ongoing customer support to provide priority service and pre-scheduled appointments
Advanced testing technology to ensure you get the test results within 24 to 48 hours
Simple and hassle-free appointment booking online or at the location
SMS/email reminders for medical screening appointments and collection of test results

VIP medical test centres provide these facilities to make the entire process safe, smooth, and expedited for visa applicants. Many medical screening centres also provide application typing, visa stamping, e-visa and visa cancellation services. Hence, they have become a one-stop centre for comprehensive visa application services.


Completing a medical test is an integral part of your UAE visa application process. It is important that you schedule an appointment only with a smart medical fitness centre for visa that is accredited by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.