Looking for dreamy lashes? Cluster lashes may seem like an affordable option, but they cause damage to your natural lashes. Social media is filled with negative reviews from users who have experienced this. Instead, opt for volume lashes as they are the superior choice. They look more natural and are also gentler on your lashes.

Beauty enthusiasts often look for ways to enhance their appearance and build self-confidence. Eyelash extensions have gained significant traction in recent years. While cluster eyelashes are marketed as a quick alternative, they do not compare to individual eyelash extensions (classic) and volume lashes. In this blog, we’ll highlight the differences between cluster and volume lashes and explain why volume lashes are the best option for achieving the perfect set of lashes.

By transitioning to volume extensions, you’ll protect your natural lashes and attain beautiful, long-lasting lashes that fulfill your dream. Are you interested in understanding more about why volume lashes outshine clusters? Then read on!

The Truth About Cluster Lashes

If you’re a beauty enthusiast looking for an easy and affordable way to enhance your natural lashes, consider cluster lashes. But beware – cluster lashes can actually be harmful to your natural lashes and lead to several problems.

Cluster lashes are similar to false eyelashes purchased at a retail store. Small sections of strip lashes glued together with a thick adhesive base form lash clusters. While they can be used as an alternative for strip lashes or a quick fix for special occasions, they should never be slept in or worn for more than a day. Otherwise, they can cause harm to your natural lashes and lead to several problems.

Volume Lashes – Does it Have The Potential to Outshine Clusters?

Of course, why settle for less when you can have more with volume lashes? If you’re glimpsing for a superior alternative to cluster lashes, volume lashes are the way to go. Volume fans or volume lashes are multiple handmade lashes formed into a fan and attached to one natural lash. This technique creates a gentler, more natural, and full look on your natural lashes. When applied properly, volume lashes cause no discomfort or damage to your lashes and can last much longer than cluster lashes. 

When opting for volume lashes, you can achieve beautiful, long-lasting ones that fulfill your dreams while protecting your natural lashes. Since they are handmade fans by a lash technician, they are created by picking up multiple volume lashes, forming them into a fan, dipping the cluster in glue, and then applying it to the natural lash. This creates the best bond and retention for the extensions.

Handmade Fans vs. Premade Clusters: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Volume Lash Game

Deciding between premade clusters and handmade fans for volume lashes can be challenging. Although heat-bonded premade fans are available in strong or regular bases and are lightweight and safe for the natural lash line, handmade fans are still superior for fuller and dramatic lashes. 

Handmade fans are customized for each client, making it possible to create more precise and natural-looking volume lashes. When selecting premade fans, ensure they are heat bonded with no extra glue and choose the correct curl, weight, and length for your client’s lashes. So take this opportunity to enhance the volume lash game by relying on eyelash extension artists using handmade fans for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Understanding the Key Differences Between Volume Eyelash Extensions and Cluster Lashes

If you’re an eyelash extension enthusiast, it’s essential to understand the difference between cluster lashes, strip lashes, and volume lashes. Both lash fans look similar, which can lead to confusion. However, it’s important to note that cluster and volume lashes differ. Let’s get deeper into the differences between these lash options.

Cluster Eyelashes: Quick Application, Short-Term Wear

If you’re looking for a quick lash application that you can remove quickly at the end of the day, cluster eyelashes are a good option. These lashes are applied with water-soluble glue that can be effortlessly removed with water or cleansing water. They’re easy to apply and typically last for a day.

Volume Lashes: Long-Lasting, Professional Application

Volume lashes are designed to stay in place for approximately a month. They’re applied using cyanoacrylate glue, which should only be removed by a professional eyelash tech. While volume lashes can also be used with disposable eyelash glue if necessary, cluster eyelashes cannot be applied using eyelash extension glue.

Lash Glue: Finding the Right Adhesive for Your Needs

Using the correct lash adhesive is crucial to achieving long-lasting wear. Cluster lashes use a water-soluble disposable adhesive that sticks to the natural skin and can be removed by hand or with a cleansing kit. Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, require strong adhesives such as cyanoacrylate-based glue for optimal durability. However, removing eyelash extensions using hand or oil-based solutions is difficult, so it’s better to search for eyelash extensions near me and find a trusted lash tech using specialized extension remover solutions.

Raw Material: Understanding the Materials Used in Lash Extensions

The materials used to make lash extensions also affect their durability and appearance. Volume lashes are made of durable PBT and can last up to 2-3 weeks. In contrast, disposable eyelashes like Cluster eyelashes are primarily made of PET. Additionally, Cluster lashes allow for the easy creation of blunt designs, while eyelash extensions use tapered lashes similar to natural lashes, with bristles that become thinner towards the end.

Fan Base Shape: Blunt vs. Sleek

The fan base of cluster lashes is blunt or has a large surface area since they’re primarily designed to adhere to the skin. In contrast, the volume lash’s base is sleeker since it’s meant to attach to a single strand of natural eyelashes.

Lash Type: Retail vs. Professional

Cluster lashes are retail lashes that anyone can apply to their eyelashes. Meanwhile, volume lashes are professional lashes that must be applied by a licensed lash technician who underwent extensive training on the required methods and processes.

Weight: Heavy vs. Lightweight

Cluster lash fans consist of 5 to 10 thick eyelashes per cluster, which can be very heavy for natural lashes as they’re applied on more than one natural eyelash. On the other hand, premade volume lashes consist of ultra-fine synthetic strands bonded together by heat, making them lightweight and safer for natural lashes.

Application: Lash Line vs. Individual Lashes

Cluster lashes are usually applied to the lash line, which can be harmful since they rest on several lashes simultaneously. But handmade volume lashes are applied to individual natural lashes, which involves a safer and more professional application method for lash health.

Don’t Let Cluster Lashes Damage Your Natural Lashes: Here’s Why You Should Avoid Them

Cluster lashes are gaining popularity as quick-fix solutions for achieving full and voluminous lashes. However, they come with significant risks that can damage natural lashes and even lead to permanent loss. Below are why avoiding cluster lashes and managing the risk is the best choice.

Heavy Weight & Natural Lash Strain

Cluster lashes consist of 5 to 10 thick eyelashes grouped on one natural lash, making them heavy and causing excessive strain on your natural lashes. This strain often leads to premature lash loss, eventually ruining your natural eyelashes.

Damaging & Permanent Lash Loss

Cluster lashes can be extremely damaging to natural lashes – once they start falling out, they often take several natural lashes. This can prevent you from getting lash fills or even a new set of extensions. Frequent use of cluster lashes can even cause permanent eyelash loss.

Prone to Bacterial Infection

Cluster lashes can create a breeding ground for bacterial infection as the weight of the cluster and the amount of glue can mix and make your lashes matte. This can prevent natural lashes from shedding normally, leading to ingrown lashes and even styles.

Short-Lived Results

Cluster lashes don’t last long – they can be a temporary solution for those who need fabulous lashes in minutes. But it’s important to remove them before sleeping and never use them for more than a day to avoid causing damage.

While cluster lashes may seem like a quick fix, it’s important to consider their risks to natural lashes and overall eye health. Instead, focus on maintaining natural lashes through gentle mascara and proper care.

Cluster Lashes Alternatives: The Safer Way to Get Fuller Lashes!

Say goodbye to the risks of individual lash clusters and hello to professional eyelash extensions! Eyelash extensions are a safer solution to achieving your desired eyelash look. Here are the types and why you must switch to them:

Types of Professional Eyelash Extensions:

Professional eyelash extensions may require a higher upfront cost than cluster lashes, but they are a worthwhile investment as they are ultra-lightweight and can last up to 4-6 weeks. They can be customized based on thickness, curls, and length, ensuring a perfect fit for any face and eye shape. The most popular curls for eyelash extensions are D, J, C, CC, and L, and they are available in various lengths to create any desired look. The most alluring types of eyelash extensions that can be used instead of clusters are:

  1. Classic Eyelash Extensions: Enhance your natural lashes with individual eyelash extensions with a 1:1 lash ratio and a fluffier, wispier, and more striking look. Available in various thicknesses and densities, they are healthier and safer than traditional cluster lashes. 
  2. Volume Eyelash Extensions: Achieve voluminous lashes and a dramatic look with volume eyelash extensions that use premade fans of 5 to 10 super-fine lash extensions. Available in different thicknesses, this lash application helps create dimensions for 2D and 3D lashes. Get ready for longer lash appointments and higher service rates! 
  3. Hybrid Eyelash Extensions: Combine the best of both worlds with hybrid eyelash extensions that mix classic and volume lash extensions. Achieve a denser, thicker look without the unnatural uniformity of a standard volume lash set. Customizable, texturized, and striking, they breathe life into your eyelashes.

Frequently Asked Questions About These Lash Extensions

Some hottest questions are often asked about these lash extensions. Some of these include:

How long do cluster lashes last? 

Cluster lash extensions are meant for short-term use, such as special events, and should only be slept in or applied for one day at maximum. Wearing them for a more extended period of time can cause damage to natural lashes. As much as possible, they must be removed as soon as you can dodge potential lash damage it can cause.

Can you get cluster lashes wet? 

Getting your cluster lashes wet is not advisable since they are sweat-resistant and waterproof. Once you have cluster lashes on, avoid getting them wet. If your cluster lashes come into contact with water, the lash extension adhesive can react and cause the lash bond to become brittle and snap.

Why are cluster lashes not healthy? 

Because of their thick base, cluster lashes are applied to multiple natural lashes at a time. As the natural lashes grow out, they can be pulled out, leading to permanent lash loss over time. Moreover, cluster lashes are too heavy and can cause discomfort and damage to the natural lashes when used for semi-permanent applications. 

For these reasons, using cluster lashes for extended periods is not advisable. Instead, opt for volume lashes as they are lighter, causing less damage to natural lashes. Volume lashes can last up to six weeks with proper lash care, maintenance, and infill every 2-3 weeks, making them a better option.

Healthy Lashes, Happy You: Choose Volume Lashes over Clusters

Why settle for damaging cluster lashes when you can have safe, luscious, and voluminous lashes with volume extensions? Prioritizing the health of your natural lashes is a smart decision for eyelash extensions. That’s why professional lash technicians recommend volume lashes as the winning choice for achieving a fuller and more beautiful look without compromising your lash health.

By choosing safer alternatives like salon lash extensions, you can avoid the long-term side effects of clusters and enjoy a more confident and happier you.

So, don’t settle for less! Choose volume lashes for healthier, fuller, and more beautiful lashes, and say goodbye to clusters for good.