It’s been a while since Voopoo released a new Vinci Pod. Their V-series devices never gained much traction and their Argus Air, while a decent pod vape, never gained the kind of following their Drag series of devices garnered.

At present, the pod vape market is huge. I’m talking strictly about the market for small devices with built-in batteries; if you include pod mods as well, this market is even bigger. With the amount of vapes using these types of devices, it’s no wonder every vape manufacturer is trying to get a piece of the pie.

Voopoo has found success with its Voopoo v thru pro pod. Or am I? Today, I am reviewing the latest pod vape from Voopoo, the creatively named Vinci Pod.

It is a very small and very light device and is made to be as easy to use as possible. It is purely draw-activated and uses 2ml pods with built-in non-removable coils. The Vinci Pod has an 800mAh battery and charges via a Type-C charging port .

Last but not least, it features an airflow control switch that allows you to switch between 2 airflow settings.

Could this be Voopoo’s big breakthrough in the pod vape market like argus p1?

The Vinci Pod Kit was sent to me by Voopoo for this review.


Material: Zinc Alloy

93.5mm x 24mm x 14mm 2ml

Pod (Built-in Coil) 15W Output Built-in 800mAh Battery 2 Airflow Settings Draw On

Design and build quality

Upon taking the Vinci Pod out of the box, I immediately loved the look and feel. The size, hand feel, and design made me think, “Gosh, that’s a nice device.” The size and shape give me Smok Novo or Novo 2 vibes, but this Vinci Pod feels much more refined and premium.

There are 7 colors available: Carbon Fiber, Pine Grey, Dazzling Line, Aurora Red, Aurora Neon, Aurora Pastel and Aurora Silver . I haven’t seen the Aurora color on the Vinci Pod, only on the Vinci Air, but I imagine the finish would be similar. If you like designs that pop, Aurora colors are the way to go.

If, however, you’re like me and prefer your vapes not to stand out too much, carbon fiber is the way to go. It’s all black with a matte carbon fiber panel that looks cool but isn’t too overrated.

The paint and panel both appear to be of good quality and don’t hold fingerprints, but I’m not sure how well the paint will hold up in the long run. Voopoo products are notorious for peeling paint, so who knows how the paint will hold up with constant use.

As I said before, the Vinci Pod is tiny. It is 93.5mm high, 24mm wide and 14mm thick – truly a tiny device. The zinc alloy body feels excellent in my hand and weighs just 58 grams.

The entire body of the Vinci Pod has slight curves which give it a clean and modern look which I really like. One flaw I found is that the bottom is curved too, so it’s not very stable if you keep it upright, but that’s me being picky.

On the front is a small Gene logo at the bottom of the panel. This Gene logo lights up when you take a roll to indicate battery level. You would never think it’s an LED, so it’s amazing how they integrated it into the logo.

The Vinci Pod is activated by drawing with no option for button activation. The only thing you can actually adjust on the Vinci Pod is the airflow. There is a switch on the side that allows you to switch between 2 airflow modes: mouth to lung with the switch in the down position or tight mouth to lung with the switch in the up position. The switch is solid, feels good, and stays where you set it.

Vinci Pod Cartridge

The Vinci Pod uses pods with built-in non-removable coils making it a “true” pod vaporizer. Sadly, the kit only comes with 1 pod. Come on Voopoo, couldn’t you add an extra? This is a big drawback for me: all devices should be equipped with at least 2 coils/pods .

The pod holds 2ml of juice and houses a 0.8 coil inside. You fill the pod by disconnecting the rubber stopper on the side of the pod which then reveals a large round fill port. The cap is sturdy and deep which prevents any liquid from leaking out of the filling hole.

There are no magnets here to secure the pod. Rather, it pushes into place and snaps into place with no movement or wobbling once inserted. Something I really like is that most of the pod is still visible when inserted. The pod is also clear, so a quick glance makes it easy for you to see how much juice you have left. The drip tip on the pod is black plastic and forms a nice comfortable shape to vape.

On the one hand, this is just another pod. But on the other hand, I like the little things Voopoo has done with it. The transparent pod looks simple, but being able to check the liquid level is very convenient. I only wish they had included an extra pod!

How to use the Vinci Pod

We recommend starting by unpacking your device (you can’t use it if it’s still in the box, now you can). The pod comes already inserted, but you’ll want to remove it from the battery and remove the plastic at the bottom of the pod. With that done, take your favorite liquid (nicotine salt juices will work best with the Vinci Pod), unplug the fill port, and fill the pod.

Wait a few minutes for the pod and wick to become fully saturated with juice. Once you’re done waiting, you can insert the pod and set the airflow switch to the down position. Draw on the vaping mouthpiece and see how you like it. If you find the draw too slow, you can set the airflow switch to the up position for a tighter draw. That’s all you need to use the Vinci Pod .

Because of how simple it is to set up and use, this is a great device for new vapers. Heck, I really like it too and I’m nowhere near a beginner. If you or someone you know wants to quit smoking and start vaping, this is a good device to do it with. A 35mg nicotine salt vaporizes perfectly and also provides a solid hit to the throat.


The Vinci Pod is a tiny device, so it’s no surprise that it doesn’t pack the biggest battery. However, the 800mAh battery manages to last a long time, mainly due to the fact that it uses a 0.8Ω coil and has a maximum output of 15W .

I consistently vaped a pod and a half of ejuice before needing to refill. This is just a day of heavy use, so make sure you’re within range of a charger if you’ll be using it a lot. However, it charges fairly quickly using a Type-C cable; connected to my computer it takes 40 minutes to fully recharge.

Unfortunately, the Vinci Pod doesn’t feature pass-thru charging, so you have to unplug it to catch a draw or wait for it to finish charging.


Before I started using it, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the Vinci Pod . Voopoo’s previous pod vapes have been decent, but they’ve never been devices I would use as a first choice. Because of this, I honestly went into this review expecting the Vinci Pod to be more of the same story.

But I was wrong. For the first time, I can say that this is a device I’d pick up first, even if I had other great options. Why? Well, there are some good reasons.

One is the draw. The airflow switch lets you go from a tight mouth-to-lung suction to an even tighter mouth-to-lung suction by simply flipping the switch one way or the other. The draw is great both ways however I prefer the looser mouth over the lung setting. It’s easy to flip the switch and vape the other way for a few projects and then go back. Most often, this is what I ended up doing. When I felt I wanted a denser pattern, I’d switch to the tighter MTL and then switch back when I was satisfied.

Another reason I like the Vinci Pod is the flavor. It’s a small device but packs a punch of flavor. My juices taste concentrated and full, just like they should taste good in a good device. The 15W output also produces a nice, warm vapor that is just a pleasure to vape.

The throat strike is also solid and overall spot on. I used a 35mg and a 50mg nicotine salt juice (both 50/50) and they vaped wonderfully. The 50mg obviously provided a much stronger hit and throat hit, but it wasn’t overwhelming. For me, it was just right without being too strong. The 35mg salt was softer, but still satisfying enough to allow me to vape it all day without craving more nicotine.

I had no performance issues while using the Vinci Pod. The battery under the pod remained completely dry, even after multiple charges. I’d say pod life is above average and bordering on above average, though I’ll have to see if it lasts a few more charges to make that call.

Enabling the draw also worked smoothly. You don’t have to pull too hard to activate it, and it doesn’t activate too easily either. It’s a good middle ground and seems to be tuned for the perfect sensitivity.


Although they didn’t have an exclusive pod device before, I think the Vinci Pod is the new champion of Voopoo. It’s an excellent nicotine salt device that works, while still providing an easy way to tweak the airflow to better suit your vaping style. The flavor is great for a pod device, and the hit and throat hit are just as good. Add these pros to the fact that I haven’t had any performance issues, and you have a device that easily gets my recommendation.

That said, I highly recommend buying an extra pack of pods to go with the Vinci Pod because there is only one pod in the box. If you accidentally burn it (for example, not priming it properly) you will be upset. Grab a pack of pods and you’ll be ready to vape without worrying about finishing the last pod. Have you already used the Vinci Pod? Let me know what you think. search for vape store near me to get best vape pods for you.