Mahatma Gandhi referred to Trivandrum, the capital of the Indian state of Kerala, as the “evergreen city of India” because of its low coastal hills. The city is well-known for its beautiful architecture and temples.

Although hair transplant in Trivandrum has gained popularity, the services provided are typically inferior to those found in the best hair transplant locations, such as Delhi and Jaipur.

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The cost of hair transplantation is reasonable throughout India, but standards and quality vary from one city and clinic to another. Therefore, when prices are comparable everywhere, it makes sense to choose the best.

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Hair transplant

A hair transplant is an outpatient cosmetic surgery procedure designed to cover the bald scalp with the most hair density possible or to correct the hairline if you are unhappy with the natural hairline. The idea behind male hair transplants is to place the DHT-resistant hair follicles on the sides and back of the head because these hair follicles do not change due to genetic influences and remain stable for life.

A minimally invasive surgical procedure called a hair transplant involves moving hair follicles from a safe donor area to the bald area to restore hair. It requires skilled and knowledgeable hands to complete because it is a very precise procedure.

Different techniques for hair transplant

Two different techniques are used to perform hair transplants, and they can be distinguished by how the grafts are harvested:

  1. Strip technique for FUT hair transplants:With the strip technique, the donor area is prepared by removing a thin strip, which is then dissected to reveal each individual graft. The recipient site is then treated with these individual grafts. This method is primarily used in cases of extensive baldness where 3000–3500 grafts are needed.
  2. FUE hair transplant method: Using a punch device, individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and then directly transplanted at the recipient site. Since the extraction is based on assumptions, each step should be carried out under magnification and with extreme caution as this technique is more likely to harm hair follicles. This method is primarily employed in cases of initial baldness and facial hair transplantation for the beard, moustache, and brows. The method allows for a maximum of 2000–2500 hair grafts to be harvested.

How to get best hair transplant treatment

Let’s examine all the potential components that could be necessary to achieve the best hair transplant treatment. Following is an explanation of these elements:

Academic background of the surgeon performing hair transplants: The educational background of the hair transplant surgeon should be thoroughly investigated as it ensures a secure and effective hair transplant. The super specialization in cosmetic surgery and an official certification for performing hair transplants are the highest levels of education required for a hair transplant surgeon.

Experience of the hair transplant surgeon: You shouldn’t discount the hair transplant surgeon’s experience. Experience guarantees success because skilled hands will always outperform inexperienced hands. In addition to the number of cases handled by the hair transplant surgeon, the experience should be examined for years of practice.

The clinic’s reputation: The reputation of any medical clinic is developed over time after numerous successful cases. By reading the reviews and patient testimonials provided, you can determine a hair transplant clinic’s reputation. Along with the clinics’ videos showing the execution of the procedure, the previous patients’ gallery should be carefully examined. Choose a reputable hair transplant clinic that is known for its work and where the surgery is carried out by the lead surgeons, not by hired help.

A comparison of single-doctor clinicsand multispecialty clinics: As a hair transplant is a procedure that requires time for the hair growth to be reflected, single doctor’s clinics are preferable. The single doctor’s clinic may benefit from having the same doctor treat patients during the hair transplant and hair growth processes. You would be very disappointed to meet a new doctor at your follow-up appointment and not the same doctor who performed the procedure because multispecialty clinics are run by hired doctors who frequently change.

 Affordable hair transplant clinic: People are interested in affordable cosmetic surgery, including hair transplants. To get the best hair transplant treatment, you should set a budget before choosing the clinic, but you should also pay close attention to the factors mentioned above. Avoiding discounts and tempting offers is essential. You should also avoid selecting a less expensive clinic because you can’t trust the results and may end up with a difficult hair transplant that doesn’t work.

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