When one thinks of wearing a saree on her wedding day, which would be simple but elegant, the best choice must be the silk saree. Silk sarees are appropriate for every event, whether a work party or a family gathering since they instantly elevate your entire ensemble. The reputed fashion brand Manyavar has a vast collection of royal silk sarees for weddings and other functions. The critical styling advice for silk sarees that will look stunning for any event will be covered in this post.

Check the Blouse Design to pair

An ill-fitting or poorly designed blouse can ruin an exquisite silk saree, but even a simple, plain saree can look stunning with the right one. The whole appearance of silk sarees can be salvaged or marred by the blouse design. Selecting a blouse that goes well with your saree and improves your entire look is crucial. Various blouse designs are available to pair with the saree for wedding to fit the taste and style. A high-neck blouse with little embellishment is ideal for informal parties, while a boat-neck blouse with elaborate stitching or embellishments is appropriate for formal settings. Another standard option is a halterneck blouse, which looks excellent on toned arms and shoulders. Backless, corset-style, off-shoulder, and cold-shoulder blouses are other styles in vogue.

Accessories to pair up with a saree

But more than a saree is enough to make one’s look complete. At first, to pair with a saree, one needs a proper matching blouse. To improve the whole face, a well-fitted blouse has the leading role. When it comes to a silk saree for a wedding, accessories help one to set her style. A piece of perfect jewelry can create a significant positive change in one’s look. One can experiment with the draping style to give these traditional sarees a modern touch.

Consider the Events while Choosing the Saree

Silk sarees are ideal for weddings and ceremonial occasions because of their elaborate designs woven from pure silk and gold threads. Many varieties of silk sarees are on the market, and deciding which is best for an upcoming event might take a lot of work.

Rich and exquisitely crafted with gold and silver brocade work on pure silk fabric, the Banarasi silk saree for wedding is renowned for its elegance and are perfect for special puja occasions or any homely function.

Chanderi silk sarees are exquisitely elegant and have a distinct texture, making them ideal for semi-formal or formal events such as dinner parties or office parties. They are more beautiful because they come in various hues and frequently have floral patterns with gold zari work.

The time of day should be taken into consideration when selecting silk sarees. For example, Chanderi silk sarees in lighter colors with simple embroidery can be worn for daytime functions. Evening occasions would be better suited for dark-colored Banarasi silk sarees with intricate brocade work.

Every woman has her personal preference. Online shopping gives them the chance to choose from a lot of designs. The fashion brand Manyavar has an online facility to see its vast collection of silk sarees. Comfort is essential for feeling fashionable and confident on any occasion. Therefore, to add diversity to one’s wardrobe while staying within her desired style range, one should choose a hue that complements her skin tone or try some shades she has never tried before.

If one says elegance, the silk saree is the winner among all the other types. Almost every saree lover keeps at least one silk saree in their wardrobe. But designing a silk saree can be difficult, mainly if one has never worn it. One should consider the occasion’s dress code as well as her body type and size while selecting the blouse designs for the silky sarees. So the bride must find her saree for the wedding from Manyavar, the reputed brand for royal collections.