Although they may not be the first detail that springs to mind when preparing your big day, wedding chairs are actually rather crucial. In addition to serving a practical purpose by giving guests a place to sit during the ceremony and reception, the chairs will also appear in many of your wedding photos, so you should probably choose chairs that go well with the rest of the decor that you painstakingly chose. Basic chairs are frequently included in wedding venue rental packages, especially those that are all-inclusive. However, if those selections aren’t quite what you had in mind for your wedding theme or if you want to up the ante on your decor, adding fanciful, decorative wedding chairs is a great option.

Bentwood chair

These elegant wooden wedding chairs will attract your attention if you frequently daydream about wandering the streets of a charming French town. Bentwood chairs, which are frequently found in hip bistros and tiny Parisian caf├ęs, provide a touch of European refinement to your wedding’s decor. They come in a variety of neutral colours, such as white, black, and natural wood.

Cane Back Chair

Cane chairs come in a wide range of hues and designs; some cane panels are even bleached or decorated with gold foil. Cane chairs include a back panel made from dried grasses or bamboo. These chairs are perfect if you want to add a touch of vintage sophistication to your big day thanks to their centuries-old design, which dates back to the 17th century.

Chameleon chair

The chameleon kind of banquet chair is ideal if you’re trying for a modern appearance. It gets its name from its crisscrossed back, which can be customised in a variety of ways. These metal chairs, often called fanfare chairs, have an eye-catching back that is frequently embellished with vibrant sashes or ribbons woven into the pattern. The chairs’ metal frames can also be completely concealed by coverings and skirts, or you can leave them exposed.

Chiavari chair

You’ve probably seen these before because they are one of the most common styles of wedding chairs. Usually utilised for traditional and ceremonial gatherings, Chiavari chairs can be either left naked or embellished with satin coverings and sashes. The predominant finishes are wood and metallic, but you may also find them in some surprising hues, including clear acrylic or white.

Cross Back chair

Cross-back chairs are a popular choice for wedding settings like gardens, farms, and tented outdoor wedding celebrations because of their cosy, rustic-chic appearance. They come in a variety of natural wood finishes, from bleached oak to mahogany brown, and are embellished with a distinctive “X” on the back. Add seat cushions to them to further customise your design.

Folding Chair

Wood folding chairs are a simple and adaptable option for any wedding style, especially if your theme is more informal (even better: they typically cost less to hire than some other chair varieties). They come in a variety of neutral hues like white, blonde wood, and dark wood and are an easy way to coordinate the wedding decor with or without additional adornments.

How can I get wedding chair rentals?

Finding local wedding rental businesses that serve your area is the best place to start if your wedding venue doesn’t already have chairs or if you’re looking for more decorative alternatives to go with a certain theme. Before reaching out to possible sellers, it can be helpful to have a general notion of the chairs you want. Some chairs could be harder to acquire or only accessible from specialized providers. From Mint Event Rentals choose the best event rental company in Dubai with affordable rates and all designs available. We have all equipment, props, and furniture with the latest collection and quality assured with doorstep delivery.