Marble is probably the best and most common stone used for flooring in India. The quality of Indian White Marble is appreciated and thus exposed around the world. The unique properties of Marble make it a great stone for flooring and other purposes.

In this blog, we will look at some great properties of marble.

Properties of Marble

One can find the best quality Marble in Kishangarh, along with all types of stones of various qualities. Marble stones have some great properties which make them the most desired stone for flooring. Some great properties of marble stone are as follows:


  • Uses

Marble stone can be used as flooring, cladding, stairway, countertop, decoration, and also for making decorative. Many great buildings like the Taj Mahal, Victoria Memorial, Washington Monuments and many others are made up of Marble.


  • Appearance

Marbles look beautiful because of their great patterns. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors too. Some great colors available in marble are green, grey, pink, white, red, and many others. Because of so much variety of colors available, they can be used for interior and exterior designing.


  • Heat Resistance

Marble is very cool compared to other flooring materials. Because of this unique property, marble is the best choice for homes that in built in hot regions.


  • Fire Resistance

Like most other natural stones, marble is also not flammable. Marble is a natural fire-resistant natural stone.


From the properties discussed above, we can conclude that marble is a great flooring option for all types of surfaces. It is a natural stone, requires less maintenance, has a long life, and is also resistant to weather cycles.

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