Power tools are designed to simplify your tasks, and having a chainsaw is essential for various gardening or landscaping needs. No longer you do require a two-person saw to cut down a tree. Forestry experts heavily favour the electric chainsaw. These chainsaws have become the go-to tool for tasks like cutting tree bark, trimming branches, and converting tree logs into lumber. In the professional world, modern chainsaws have elevated the standards for effectiveness and comfort.

What is an Electric Chainsaw?

A battery-powered chainsaw operates on batteries instead of gasoline, commonly referred to as a petrol chainsaw. The batteries need to be charged in advance. While you will not have the need for regular refuelling or maintenance like a petrol chainsaw or face limitations from a power cord like an electric chainsaw, do not forget to charge the batteries regularly to keep the chainsaw operational.

How An Electric Chainsaw Will Benefit You?

The human race has consistently progressed with the introduction of new technologies, and the electric chainsaw is a notable example. In various cutting tasks, such as trimming trees, working with wood, or engaging in crafts, a chainsaw is essential to complete the job efficiently and safely.

Well, many individuals may be unsure about whether an electric chainsaw would be a suitable choice for them. It could be because they are unaware of the advantages of electric chainsaws. Therefore, Chandak Agro, one of the premier chainsaw machine suppliers, is here to reveal the key benefits of an electric chainsaw to help you understand how it can become your ideal companion in yard work.

  • Easy to Start

Starting an electric chainsaw is relatively easier. Simply plug it into an available power source, check the chain, press the ‘ON’ button, and the machine starts – it is that easy. On the other hand, a gas-powered chainsaw requires priming the engine and pulling a cord multiple times to get it started. Also, as it involves mixing gas and oil, improper mixtures can prevent the engine from starting. Electric chainsaws eliminate these challenges.

  • Pocket Friendly Tool

Gas chainsaws need fuel to run, and buying fuel for them can be expensive. Besides the fuel cost, they also need regular maintenance, which means spending money on them frequently. On the other hand, electric chainsaws are powered by electricity, offering a cost-effective alternative as you do not need to spend much on fuel. Also, electric chainsaws do not require regular maintenance. So, it turns out an electric chainsaw is a more financially savvy choice.

  • Easy to Operate

The electric chainsaw is naturally lightweight, especially when compared to its older versions. It does not need the extra weight of storing gas or any other fuel, which makes it lighter than other chainsaws.

  • Finish Your Work Quietly

The electric chainsaw makes less noise than a petrol chainsaw, and this stands out as one of its major benefits. The reduced noise level creates a peaceful working environment for the operator. Using an electric chainsaw helps avoid sound pollution in the work area. That means you can work for longer periods without disturbing the neighbours.

  • More Safe

Pulling the cord of a gas-powered chainsaw can lead to a kickback, which is risky. Kickback occurs when the blade tip hits an object, causing the tool to kick back towards the operator. This can be quite dangerous. On the other hand, with an electric chainsaw, there is no worry about kickback. Electric models come with safety chains that reduce the chances of kickbacks. Just follow electrical safety precautions while using the electric chainsaw, and you are good to go.

  • Cares for the Environment

Gas-powered chainsaws release harmful fumes that can obviously be harmful to the environment. In contrast, an electric chainsaw is environmentally safe. It does not emit any harmful gases that can damage the Earth.

Types of Electric Chainsaw

The electric chainsaw comes in two versions. One is powered by a rechargeable battery, and the other runs directly on electricity. If the battery runs out, you have the option to switch to electricity to keep the tool running. You can choose the version that suits your needs based on the nature of your job.

What is the Cost Of An Electric Chainsaw?

The cost of a chainsaw depends on factors like size, colour, performance, and specifications.  With numerous options available, choose a chainsaw based on your budget and specific requirements.


The convenience and effort required during tasks like trimming branches and cutting bark should not be underestimated. If you are considering purchasing a chainsaw, opting for a battery-powered version is the smart choice. It not only saves time but also simplifies the challenges that come with traditional chainsaws.