Aluminium Plates, 10mm Aluminium Plate

Aluminium Plate is useful in aerospace, chemical, and food processing industries, as well as in high-temperature applications such as heat exchangers, condensers, and boilers. The different versions are also utilised for mechanical attributes that are similar. The thermal conductivities of 10mm aluminium plates are high, and they retain their mechanical qualities even at high temperatures.Inox Steel India is one of the largest Aluminium Plates Manufacturers in India. We produce and export aluminium plates to a variety of countries.


Most Common Application and Uses of Aluminum Plates

Aluminum is a widely available and highly versatile metal, which explains its widespread use in a wide range of applications. Aluminum is also available in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from ingots to bars to sheets to plates to foils, making it useful in a variety of applications.


10mm Aluminum Plate is used in high-stress applications such as aerospace, military, and transportation product manufacturing. The skins of jets and spacecraft fuel tanks are made of machined aluminium plate. It is used in many industries for storage tanks, in part because some aluminium alloys become tougher at super cold temperatures.


  • 10mm Aluminium Plates uses for marine
  • Aluminium Plates uses for Defence
  • 10mm Aluminium Plates uses for Aerospace
  • Aluminium Plates uses for Transport Automotive Industry
  • Aluminium Plates uses for Building & Architecture
  • Aluminium Plates uses for Rail Transport
  • 10mm Aluminium Plates uses for Ship Building

Most Selling types of Aluminum Plates

10mm Aluminum Plate is a formable, weldable, medium-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminium plate. The plates can withstand high temperatures without losing their mechanical or corrosion resistance properties. Inox Steel India is a leading Aluminum Plate Manufacturer and supplier in various dimensions and types.