When it comes to Property Preservation Services, you may think of it as the arduous and tedious process, but with systematic planning, you will become an expert in the property preservation industry. The property preservation process involves a very considerable level of steps that needs to be followed thoroughly for success in this business. From the home inspection to house repairs, each aspect is to be taken into consideration more specifically. An organized system will help you to operate things with more care, and a well-organized process is a key to get a hand in this precession.

The basic property preservation process includes the following steps with a brief explanation of each point: 

  • Property Inspection & PCR: To maintain the condition of the mortgaged property, one has to conduct the overall Property Inspection. And for the inspection of the property, you will have to know your working area thoroughly. You will be expected to give an in-depth analysis of the property. This inspection includes a Property Condition Report (PCR), which is the complete description of the property and the set of questions that are to be answered by the end of the inspection. These questions cover the general question like the type of property being inspected, the current condition of the property, whether the property is vacant or occupied, the inspection may also include some high-level questions like the condition of the back and front of the property, the landscape condition, whether there is any leakage in the roof, working condition of the boiler and the plumbing system. PCR gives the complete state of the property with a full proof shred of photo evidence and needs to be done in detail to make the further process more comfortable.
  • Bidding process: Bidding is the combination of the accuracy of your submission and the fairness of your demand. When you present your bid, you need to examine your report thoroughly. The efficiency of the proposal is essential to get the attention of the client. It is the process that involves the competence for the requirement of the job. Bidding for the repairs not only requires high skills or intelligence but also needs to be up to date with the ongoing market valuations.
  • Repairing work: After the bid, damages like rooftop repair or change, vandalism, water seepage, or total renovation are done by the vendor appointed by the property preservation company. As a repair vendor, you should understand how to utilize estimating software, should give a precise beginning and finish dates, and know all the essential tools, workers, and other contractors you may need to complete the repairs as soon as possible.
  • Photo submission: RPR Services is an offshore property preservation work order updating company, who analyzes the photos submitted by the inspector and the repair vendor. These photos show work completed and support what was noted in PCR and presented in the bids and estimate. The document submitted will have a set of “before photos” that show the condition before the work started, “during photos” to indicate the ongoing work, and “after photos” to demonstrate the finished work. These must be evidently and accurately labeled as they are proof that the specified work order was completed.
  • Invoicing after repairs: Invoice after the repair is for services that give maintenance to a property. Before repairing, the work order is produced, which includes considerable damages that need repairs and a standard estimate for services provided by the property preservation vendor. The invoice prepared by RPR Services after the repair is done with before, during, and after repair photos of the property to make the work more convenient to the client and to avoid any issue during the invoicing process.

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