The 36-volt lithium battery for the golf cart is a lightweight battery to install and store. If your conventional lead acid batteries are giving trouble then it’s time to change to a 36-volt lithium battery for a golf cart. These batteries have lighter weight and smaller form factor and longer lifespan. Compared to conventional batteries it charges faster. Lithium ions are smaller and more compact so there is no challenge to shifting to a 36-volt lithium battery. Install the new battery, reconnect the wires, and secure the battery with the holding brackets. There are two ways to install a 36v lithium golf cart battery: one is you can use a single 36-volt lithium battery and the other is three 12V lithium batteries.

The 36-volt lithium battery for the golf cart is nonexplosive, safer, maintenance-free, and lightweight. To protect the system and voltage it provides consistent voltage. To protect the battery from overcharging and other problems the 36-volt lithium battery for the golf cart has a built-in battery management system and built-in LED charge indicator to see how much charge is left. These batteries are designed with added durability and frequent deep discharging.

Benefits of using a 36v lithium golf cart battery

There are many benefits of using a 36v lithium golf cart battery as it includes space-saving, simplicity in setup, and a plug-and-play option.

  • Space Saver

If you are looking for a space-saving option then a 36v lithium golf cart battery is the best. The battery is slightly larger and takes less space as compared to three 12-volt lithium batteries.

  • Simple Setup

There is only one connection point in a 36volt lithium battery so it’s easy to install and wire. So there is less room for error when installing your system due to fewer cables and connection points.

  • Plug and go

It’s easier to simply plug in your battery and get started with a 36v lithium golf cart battery because there is only one battery with a simple connection. The batteries are so famous for plug-and-go capabilities. These batteries are easily replacing lead acid batteries and help you achieve on the golf course making you realize how important a choice is.

Applications of 36-volt lithium battery for golf cart

The 36-volt lithium battery for golf cart utilizes different applications. There is no need to worry about charging with a 36-volt lithium battery as lithium ions charge fully in 3 hours. It also requires minimal maintenance and there is no need to worry about watering and checking the electrotype level. The battery meet all specs and requirements of your golf cart. When the batteries are not in use then the discharge rate is only 2% per month. These batteries are toxin free, won’t leak, and are safe to store indoors. The batteries give more power to the engine so it is easier for the cart to navigate.


One of the best decisions you can make and one of the best battery kinds for your golf cart is the 36-volt lithium-ion battery option. Consider a lithium option if you need to replace your old battery; you can’t go wrong. However, take into account where you purchase the battery because not all producers create top-notch goods. We have the best option available at Sonny Power for a lithium battery and this wide range of golf cart batteries is safe and reliable. we ensure that you get a battery that matches your golf cart perfectly. Our batteries are made in the best condition and are high quality.