Winter is the season of holidays. After Christmas, the New Year is just around the corner. And if anyone has gardener friends around, then it’s time to get them some gifts!

What are the best gifts for gardening lovers? What would they love? What are the most useful items to give a gardener? In this list from Gardepot, we’ll provide some gift ideas for consideration.

Best Gifts for Gardening Lovers

  1. Hand Pruners

Maintaining a garden requires regular pruning, so hand pruners are undoubtedly the most common and desired tool for gardeners. A hand pruner as a gift should have an ergonomic handle and a sharp blade to help the gardener make clean cuts quickly and efficiently.

Hand pruners come in two styles, anvil style and bypass blades. The anvil style hand pruner has a sharp blade that closes to the bottom of the cutting board. It is ideal for cutting dead wood. The bypass pruner, on the other hand, has two sharp blades that make clean cuts in a scissor-like fashion. The clean cut minimizes trauma and allows the plant to recover quickly from the pruning. The right one should be chosen according to the needs of the gardener.

  1. Loppers

This is a handy tool for gardens with lots of trees, shrubs and bushes. Loppers are cutting tools with long handles and thick, sharp blades. This tool is ideal for cutting thick branches at a certain height.

Some loppers have telescopic handles that can be extended to reach further. Telescopic loppers do not require the use of a ladder when pruning tall trees, so this is an even better gift.

  1. Herb Kit

Herbs are the most popular plants in almost any home garden. Herbs are perfect for beginners or gardeners who don’t have a lot of time to tend to their yards. Most are easy to grow and low maintenance. Some can even thrive with neglect, such as basil and mint. This makes herb kits the gift for garden lovers that can never go wrong.

Herb kits on the market will usually include several complementary herbs, as well as some essential gardening materials, such as planting pots and potting mixes. All gardeners need to do is plant the seeds and within a few weeks at the earliest they can harvest fresh and delicious herbs to spice up their daily dishes.

  1. A Mini Gardening Tool Set

For gardeners who like to grow herbs or small potted plants, you can’t go wrong with this gardening gift idea. Mini gardening tool sets usually include mini versions of trowels, shovels and rakes, and some will include more other less common mini tools.

Mini gardening tool sets are handy for tending to small gardens growing vegetables or indoor potted plants. Even some manufacturers or brands will launch mini-tool sets specifically as gifts, with unique designs on the product and packaging.

  1. Garden Gear&Accessories

Garden gear&accessories refer to a variety of protective equipment including gardening gloves, rain boots, aprons, etc. to prevent gardeners from getting hurt on the job. What gift is better than caring for your fellow gardeners themselves? This is also a very practical gift since every gardening lover will need these gears to protect themselves.

  1. Functional Garden Decors

Functional garden decorations make great gifts for those who care for medium to large gardens. Water features, birdbaths, bird feeders, birdhouses, barrels (to collect rainwater), and beehives are just a few of the many garden decorations that add beauty and function to any outdoor space.

  1. Plant Stand

A plant stand is a decorative shelf that is usually used to display different potted plants. It’s a great gift idea for gardeners who need more space. It’s practical and looks great when set in a corner.

In addition to being a gift idea, this list can also be used to provide gardening supply retailers with ideas for preparing goods to sell during the holiday season.

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