Islam is one of the world’s most kind religions. It is a full and complete guide to living life in the best way, according to what Allah SWT tells us to do and what the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW did. God SWT has spoken to people through the Quran, and the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW shows how Islam works in real life. Islam tells us how to live a better life and keeps us from doing many bad things. These bad things, or sins, can ruin a person’s life or even hurt society more. Muslims used to go to the house of Allah SWT and offer Hajj and Umrah by taking advantage of Hajj and Cheap Easter Umrah Packages. There, they would ask Allah SWT for his mercy and ask forgiveness for their past sins.

Life is a test for people, and how they do on this test will decide whether they live forever in paradise or hell. All fruit depends on what a person does during his or her life on earth. Whoever follows the laws of Allah SWT and lives his life according to the great Sunnah of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW can win this world and the next.

Biggest Sins which are strictly warned:
People should live their lives in line with what Allah SWT tells them to do, and this will all work out in his favour. Allah SWT has said that people who live their lives according to his commands will get a lot of good things, and people who don’t do what he says will get bad things. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the worst sins that you should always try to avoid. These sins are not just crimes; they also go against what Allah SWT says.

1-Shirk (Polytheism) (Polytheism)


3-Killing someone for no reason

4- Riba (Interest) (Interest)

5-The Orphan’s wealth is used up

6- Trying to get away from the battle

7- Calling a woman an adulterer

1-Shirk: The first and most important rule of Islam is to accept that Allah SWT is the only God and to say that there is no other God but Allah SWT. If someone doesn’t follow this basic rule, he’s not a believer, and there’s only one place for non-believers, and that’s hell.
So, never shirk and never give anyone else the role of the only creator. When you compare the greatness of the creator Allah SWT to the greatness of someone else, you commit shirk, which is a forbidden and unforgivable act. People should only ask Allah SWT for blessings and always do what he says if they want to go to paradise in the next world.

2-Magic: Both Allah SWT and his prophet Muhammad SAW told Muslims to live simply and with respect. No matter how you do it, it is against the law to be mean to someone and cause them harm. Magic is one way that the devil’s power is used to destroy someone’s life or ask for something for your own, which is Haram and strictly forbidden in Islam.
People who aren’t smart use these tools to get ahead quickly in other ways. In the Quran, Allah SWT told people to only ask Allah SWT because he is the one who made everything and gives everyone life and death. But a person who does magic or asks other people for help in any way through magic is considered a non-believer and may be kicked out of Islam.

3- Unjustly killing a person:

The Quran says that whoever kills one person kills all of society. The Islam religion is totally against any kind of violence. If two people fight over small things and one of them kills the other, that is a terrible crime.

Muslims have a duty to look out for the safety of other people. One should always remember this rule to never hurt other people and save their lives. Killing and causing bloodshed is not a small crime, and if someone did it, they deserve to go to hell. Muslims have a duty to keep violence and chaos out of society and to respect other people’s lives as much as they respect their own.

4-Riba: Riba is the most evil crime that people can commit. Allah SWT told Muslims that they had to stay away from the Riba no matter what. As the Hadith says, someone who does Riba is just fighting with Allah SWT and Muhammad SAW. This is one of the most strongly discouraged things to do because of how bad it is for society and for the person doing it.

A person who does Riba practise is not one of the Muslims. Riba is the most common sin in our society, and it takes a lot of work to get rid of it.

5. Consumption of the Orphan’s wealth:

Taking the orphan’s money: Islam cared a lot about the weak and poor people in society. Because of this, many Islamic rules stress charity and donations as ways to keep the poor from falling behind. Islam focuses on making Halal money and tells people not to make Haram money.

Allah SWT and his Prophet SAW care about orphans and try to give them the same chances in all parts of life. Same thing if someone’s parents die and he is left alone in the world. Allah said not to eat the orphan’s wealth, or you will go to hell.

6. Running away from the battlefield:

Jihad is a duty for all Muslims, and Allah SWT has great rewards for those who die fighting for Him. But if someone left the field and ran away to save his life, that is a sin that can’t be forgiven. The Prophet Muhammad SAW warns those who left the field that they will face Hellfire instead of better things.

7. Accusing Adultery on women:

If a man accuses a woman of adultery without any proof and hurts his life because of it, he will have to deal with the worst consequences. Islam has promised harsh punishments for people who say disrespectful things about women and hurt their respect.

Allah SWT is the most kind and helpful person, so you should always do what he says and never break the rules he made. Sincerely ask for mercy and forgiveness for your past mistakes. Both Hajj and Umrah are great ways to get close to Allah SWT and ask for his forgiveness. You can just use Cheap September Umrah Packages to get to Makah, pay your respects at the House of Allah, and ask for forgiveness for all your mistakes, because Allah is the most forgiving.