Large amounts of faculty data need to be managed regularly in the institute. It includes various aspects beginning from their attendance data to leaves, vacations, awards, business trips, facilities, and others. Managing all this information for several faculty members of the institute is difficult for the admin. However, this process can be made easier with the help of HRMS.

Human resource management software is an ERP solution that helps with payroll management, leave management, recruitment, and others. Here are a few main functions and objectives of HRMS- 

Functions of Human Resource Management Software

Faculty Profile Management-

The human resource management software contains separate profiles of all the faculty members with their details. It includes information such as faculty’s contact details, emergency details, personal data, achievements, awards, and other information contained in the system. The profile also contains proofs of the data such as degree certificates, courses completed, mark sheets, and other documents.

Leave Management-

The human resource management software contains information about the employee’s leaves and off days. Further, it gives information about the granted paid leaves, sick leaves, and other leave information about the faculty members. The faculty can access this information by themselves by making use of their login credentials in the portal. It helps them to plan leaves and vacations.


The HRMS helps institutes to collect online applications of the candidates for recruitment. The system goes through their data and eliminates the candidates who are not eligible for the job. It shortlists the eligible people and sends emails to them. The authorized people can conduct interviews, and collect important documents and other information about the candidates to contact them later.

Ease of Use-

The human resource management software is easy to use for all types of individuals such as faculty members who are new to technology as well as the admin. The software is highly intuitive. The data can be accessed easily using cloud storage and handled with ease.

Report Generation-

The online software enables easy report generation in the required formats such as PDF, word, doc, and others. It collects the data from various sources and stores it in a centralized manner for easy access. The system eliminates the chances of data redundancy or any data gaps in the reports.

Performance Evaluation-

The online human resource management software helps the institute to understand the performance and growth of the faculty members over a few months or years. This helps them to understand their growth and progress and enables them to reward the faculty members based on that data.

Role-Based Access-

The software gives role-based access to the faculty members and admin based on their responsibilities in the institute. It helps them to keep the data and important information safe and only restricted to the authorized individuals of the institute. It also ensures that the data is kept secure and there are no risks of any leakage or attacks.

Mobile/Laptop Access-

The human resource management software can be accessed by a laptop, mobile, tablet, and other devices based on the user’s convenience. It is compatible with all devices and functions with ease.

Objectives of Human Resource Management Software-

  •       Achieve the goals set for the institute’s functioning
  •       Encourage fair work culture and empowering environment
  •       Complete objectives using team efforts and work ethics
  •       Enhance training and development of faculty
  •       Maintain employee motivation for work
  •       Empower the workforce and recognize their achievements
  •       Improve retention rate of the employees
  •       Manage company and faculty data in an improved manner


The online HRMS is an ERP solution that enables the institute to improve its operations and ways of working in the institute. It helps the faculty members to improve their methods of working by empowering them and offering training on required subjects. It aims to create a systemic data management and payroll management process for the faculty members to give them well-deserved leaves, benefits, and facilities.