Do you use a fleet management system to keep your vehicles in an optimal state? Is the system essential for your business? But how do you determine these factors?

If you use a Fleet management system in New York, you need to determine if the implementation favours your business’s productivity. A horde of data handling will be done, and various metrics will be generated daily. The whole system working can be overwhelming and not beneficial in the long run. How can you derive the benefiting factor?

That’s why you must consider some metrics that can measure the fleet’s success. So, here are the metrics you must evaluate for your fleet services.

1- Maintenance Measure

It is critical to track the fleet’s scheduled versus unscheduled maintenance. This will indicate how proactive you have been in maintenance and how it will affect the costs over time. To determine this, fleet services provide great service.

If you are in the loop up to 60-70% with your scheduled maintenance, it will indicate that you are on track with the preventive management plans. Thus, achieving this benchmark will show that you are providing the fleet service on time, as per schedule, prolonging its life.

2- Maintenance Cost Measure per kilometre

The next metric that measures the success of your fleet is maintenance by cost per km. The less you spend on maintenance per kilometre, your fleet performs better. Your fleet might be far from the mark, but the closer the results are, the better.

So, this metric here is critical. Knowing this cost allows you to determine how to plan and strategize your maintenance cost.

3- Fuel cost Measure

Fuel is the thing that keeps your fleet running. It is also one of the major parts of the cost involved in fleet operation. With the help of a software system, you can monitor fuel costs that will help you manage your fuel expenses.

To keep your fuel level efficient, monitor fuel consumption and improve driver performance and route mapping. If such are your strategic steps, you are utilizing the metric to its efficiency.

4- Driver Behaviour & Safety Measure

The top priority factor for a fleet manager is safety, maintenance, and cost. If you set KPIs in safety and driver behaviour, the factor will help you ensure vehicle, driver and public safety on the road. With software, fleet managers can monitor driver behaviour and set parameters to measure.

Thus, this metric is beneficial to determine, and thus, fleet services provide fleet safety with the application.

Final Point

You can utilize these metrics to determine if your fleet services are successful applications in your business.

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