The dropside semi-trailer is made by installing an all-metal structure on the basis of the flatbed. Three sides can be opened, and the side panels can be opened and closed in sections. The height of the fence can be customized according to customer requirements, and the size can be 0.6M, 0.8M, or 1.2M. The foreign special curb semi-trailer style made by Sunskyvehicle has a small door design, which is used to transport grain, and can realize fast unloading by opening the small door. It is popular in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and other southern African countries and regions.

Dropside semi-trailers have many specific application scenarios in urban logistics, and their flexibility and versatility make them essential tools for urban cargo transportation. The following are common specific application scenarios of slab semi-trailers in urban logistics:

Due to its flexibility and versatility, the drop-side semi-trailer has many specific application scenarios in urban logistics:

  1. Delivery of goods

Due to its unique design, the drop-side semi-trailer can be used for medium and long-distance transportation and distribution of large quantities of goods, such as daily necessities, food, home appliances, etc., and deliver goods from warehouses or distribution centers to various retailers and supermarkets.

  1. Building materials: For some construction companies and urban maintenance projects, the flat cargo transportation platform structure of the drop-side semi-trailer helps to fix and protect building materials, and is often used to transport various building materials, such as steel, cement, sand, and gravel.


  1. Transportation of electronic products

Electronic products such as home appliances, computers, mobile phones, and other equipment, these electronic products need to be handled and protected carefully, and the structure of the fence semi-trailer strengthens the safety of these electronic products during transportation.

  1. Moving services: Slab semi-trailers are also often used for moving services, which can help residents move furniture, appliances, and other personal items from one place to another.


  1. Waste recycling and waste transportation: In the urban waste recycling and waste treatment industry, fence semi-trailers are often used to collect and transport waste paper, waste plastic, waste metal, and other waste materials.


  1. Food delivery: drop-side semi-trailers are also widely used in the food industry to transport all kinds of food, such as vegetables, fruits, meat, etc. Their structure keeps food fresh and hygienic.

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