There will be no development of normal arch if you are standing, and you will know that you have developed flat feet. When there is no extensive physical activity, you will have extensive pain in your feet. You will need to undergo flat feet treatment

It is seen that the condition is also referred as fallen arches or pes planus. While infants normally develop such condition, it can disappear within two to three years. It is seen that the condition can also last through adulthood as well. 

What are flat feet?

When both feet have no or little arch, you will know that you have developed flat fee. It is seen that pads of your feet press into the ground, as you stand straight. While you lift your foot, you may see the arch sometimes. 

You will need to undergo flat feet treatment if you develop such condition. It is seen that all babies develop flat feet at birth. These arches develop till six years. Some children also have flat feet, and it continues till they become adult. 

There are some arches that get collapsed. These fallen arches are flat feet. It is a problem for most people. It is a serious problem, and you will need proper treatment to come out of such condition. 

What Are the Types of Flat Feet?

When it comes to flat fleet, Dr. Orlando Cedeno describes that flat feet can pose problems in childhood, and can develop in adulthood as well. There are several types of condition, which are described in this article. 

Flexible Flat Feet 

It is seen the flexible flat feet is very common. When you are standing, you will not find any arches. When you put weight on your feet, your arches will disappear. While the condition affects both feet, it will gradually get worse. 

You will need to undergo flat feet treatment if the condition does not go naturally. There can be swelling, and tearing of ligaments, and tendons as well. 


When standing, there can be development of rigid flat feet as well. It appears during the teen years, and the condition will get worse, as time passes on. There will be pain in your feet. While you will find to flex your feet, you will be unable to move it from side- to side. 

While you will need to flat feet treatment, you will know that the condition can affect both feet, and one foot as well. 

Adult – Acquired

The foot arches unexpected collapses, if you are an adult and have acquired flat foot condition. While the condition can be painful, your feet will turn outward. While there will be inflammation, you will get affected in one foot. 

Vertical Talus

There can be develop vertical talus, which will also prevent the creation of arches. This type of development will occur in ankle, and the bone will form in the wrong position. While you need to undergo flat feet treatment, your feet will resemble like a rocking chair. 

Causes And Symptoms Flat Feet?

When you have flat feet, you will have several causes of flat feet. There can be possibility that some people may have this condition later in their life. While you will find broken bones for this condition, you will see that Achilles tendon injury also give rise to such condition. 

There can be obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, pregnancy, and rheumatoid arthritis that will causse such condition. There are several symptoms for such condition as well. When it comes to symptoms, you will need to undergo foot and ankle treatment in Jupiter

There can be muscle pain, leg cramps, pain in the arches, toe drift, and pain during the time of walking, which are some of symptoms of flat feet. 

How to Fix Flat Feet

When you have developed such condition, you will need to undergo foot and ankle treatment in Jupiter. You will need the treatment if your severity of symptoms and causes for your condition. 

Before giving you treatment, doctors will analyse your condition and suggest you more than one type of treatment as well. They will determine the real cause of such condition and will give the treatment. 

When it comes to foot and ankle treatment, there are several types of non – surgical treatments. Podiatrists will suggest orthotics, with support arches. They will also suggest you to change your shoes so that your foot receives proper support. 

They will also suggest you braces, as a part of foot and ankle treatment that will stabilize your arch. 

They will also suggest physical therapy, as a part of foot and ankle treatment in Jupiter. They will also suggest the loss of weight for healing from such condition. There is suggestion of surgery if non – surgical methods do not work for this condition. 

Final Words 

There are several types of treatments for flat feet condition. You will need to understand them and undergo them if you have developed such condition.