If you have planted trees on your property – whether your residential property or commercial one you already know a thing or two about tree care. Every day, you want to ensure that all your trees and plants get plenty of food, water, sunlight, and other essential needs. You may even take it upon yourself to trim the trees a few times.

While you are an owner of a lush yard with many trees and plants, you must know that trees can act in a complicated way and they are vulnerable to a wide variety of problems that differ from climate to climate. Sooner or later they will require some specialized care. A Lake Country arborist can come to your rescue.

Who is an arborist and how can he help you?

In the simplest terms, an arborist is a tree surgeon. Arborists are those persons who would work all over the trees only to ensure that these trees are in the best of their health. Right from evaluations to pruning, the diagnosis and treatment of disease and infections, an arborist is the right person who will help you.

These tree professionals are not only responsible to maintain the health of the trees but also ensuring the safety of the people who live and work around those trees. These professionals are certified to handle jobs that can be quite dangerous for untrained people, such as climbing the tree for pruning or Lake Country stump grinding or dealing with potentially unstable branches.

Do you really need an arborist?

An arborist has several responsibilities that relate to every aspect of tree care. These professionals are trained to identify problems a layperson may not notice even. They are also trained to handle these problems safely, without harming the tree, your property, or themselves.

One of the most important tasks that should be left to the arborists is stump grinding and pruning the trees, especially the heavy branches. These big branches become sick and weakened and also pose a risk to the people and property below them. When these trees are at risk of falling, they should be removed usually.

Removing a large branch, however, isn’t easy. It requires someone trained to climb onto the tree safely – without causing any damage to the trunk and healthy branches – and to cut only the affected limbs. Once the limb of the branch is cut, it should be guided down to the ground safely to avoid causing any damage on the way down.

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