Ultimately Festive

Tonight we have a Christmas dinner with the office and the dress code is festive. Puff. Already stressed. What should I wear? You can’t do anything with that anyway. But better than nothing. It will probably not be the intention to wear a tuxedo, although I think that is ultimately festive. But we’ll figure something out. Good thing I don’t have a Christmas sweater. At least I can’t choose that.What you should wear to a Christmas party or New Year’s gathering is clothing that says something about yourself.

Choose a suit if you feel comfortable in it. Cuddly fabrics of flannel or, for example, corduroy are nice and cosy. A dark shirt has been out of fashion for a while now. Squeaky white may be too formal again. Light blue or denim work well. Provided that also suits you. The picture must fit. Do your best. Do you opt for a jacket, sweater or both? I think it depends on the location and atmosphere within the company. And of course how you want to show yourself.

Clothes say something. You radiate something with it. You are taken more seriously. Or not. It shouldn’t really matter, but still. You show your intentions. With the Christmas drinks you have the opportunity to put yourself down again. So especially with all the Christmas parties and New Year’s gatherings coming up, it’s time to think about it a bit and not look like someone from 2020.

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Clothing reflects the zeitgeist

Wearing a suit to show that you are in charge is outdated. You can show in many more ways that you are a leader of today. Clothing reflects the zeitgeist. Go with the zeitgeist, and your look will follow automatically. This can of course be done in many ways. If you are a suit man or just want to look stylish, just choose that. Show yourself. But the best version of yourself. Casual clothing also looks nice and casual and is therefore friendlier and looser. You also have more choice. But you can go too far. 

Casual can be a minefield. Jeans might be a bit too much of a Saturday look; especially for something festive like a Christmas party. The colors blue, beige, light gray and black are the good colors for men’s outerwear. If you stay away from sneakers and combine it with a shirt, it will soon be neat. When you choose a polo or a sweater under a jacket, it is dressed and yet a bit looser. Actually, everything is good if you feel comfortable in it and it is very clean and tidy. And adapted to the environment and the purpose. I’m going for my corduroy suit.