Do you know which degree helps you understand the use of computers, information technology and control systems to handle industrial processes and machinery, replacing manual labour and improving efficiency, quality, performance and speed? The answer is MTech in Industrial Automation and Robotics degree.

Mtech In Industrial Automation And Robotics – Overview

MTech in Industrial Automation and Robotics is a two-year postgraduate course that will help students to study electronics, mechanical systems, and hydraulic systems. It prepares students for the interface, design, installation, and troubleshooting of industrial automation systems.

According to research, the industrial robotics market is projected to grow from USD 15.7 billion in 2022 to USD 30.8 billion by 2027; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.3% from 2022 to 2027.

MTech in Industrial Automation and Robotics offers knowledge in multiple disciplines such as Programming, mechanical design, Robotics Control, IoT, Industrial 4.0 etc. In addition, students will develop problem-solving and communication skills that will be valuable in the future. The course is also useful for individuals who wish to pursue research in automation and robotics.

After knowing about the course overview, let’s know about MTech in Industrial Automation and Robotics scope and M Tech Robotics syllabus.

M Tech Robotics Syllabus

How students will create, apply and select appropriate quantitative and computational techniques, resources, hardware and software tools to predict the difficult engineering problems related to robotics and embedded system design. Of course, by studying the two-year M Tech Robotics syllabus.

Following is a four-semester syllabus cover in this degree-

Semester 1

  •         Industrial Automation and IoT-I
  •         Optimisation and Control
  •         Instrumentation and Embedded System Laboratory
  •         Robotic Process Automation

Semester 2

  •         Industrial Automation and IoT-II
  •         Intelligent Control System
  •         Mechatronics

Semester 3

  •         Fundamentals of Communication
  •         Dissertation /Industrial Project/Entrepreneurial Project

Semester 4

  •         Dissertation/ Industrial Project/ Entrepreneurial Project

Students can pursue MTech in Industrial Automation and Robotics degree after they have completed their Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field with a minimum of 45-55 aggregate marks. There are many universities that conduct their entrance exam to select students, but few select students based on national and state-level tests.

Mtech in Industrial Automation And Robotics Scope

The field is rapidly growing, so the MTech in Industrial Automation and Robotics scope for employment is endless. These professionals design solutions for robotic and industrial automation processes that positively impact public health, culture, safety, and the environment.

An MTech in Industrial Automation and Robotics course will prepare you to design and install industrial automation systems. So, it is clear that MTech in Industrial Automation and Robotics scope is high, but what are these job profiles?

Listed below are some of the most trending job profiles with their key responsibilities –

Automation Engineer

  •         Identifying opportunities to increase efficiency with automation.
  •         Communicating with clients about requirements.
  •         Investigating errors or defects in the technology.
  •         Researching and designing automation technology.

Maintenance Engineer

  •         Supervising engineering and technical staff.
  •         Obtaining specialist components, fittings or fixtures.
  •         Maintaining statistical and financial records.
  •         Managing stocks of supplies and equipment.

Automation Controls Specialist

  •         Ensuring work is carried out with proper safe work practices.
  •         Coordinating work activities with other trades and subcontractors.
  •         Tracking and reporting time and progress.

Robotics engineer

  •         Designing and redesigning robotic systems from start to finish.
  •         Developing software that will control robots.
  •         Creating prototypes on necessary components (e.g. microprocessors).
  •         Performing integration tests and quality control. 

MTech in Industrial Automation and Robotics scope is bright as the automation of production processes is increasing day by day. In short, the demand for skilled labour in the field is increasing, and students with a MTech Degree in this field are well-positioned for great careers. It is a degree that is expected to command the highest salaries.