Spacebar counter

Spacebar Counter also known as Spacebar Clicker is a tool designed to check your number of hits on the spacebar and test your hitting speed on the space bar.

space bar counter is a game-type tool in which you can check your pressing ability and make other challenges by using your space bar.

It is a fun tool that entertains you and your friends and identifies the winner.

it is the most popular game that originated in different countries from all over the world.

If you are playing it with a group of people, the one who clicks most of the time with speed than the other will be the winner of the spacebar game.

Spacebar Speed Test

If you want to know how fast you can press the spacebar, this tool also works as a spacebar speed test with a pre-built time clock.

Simply, you can set the time interval and within that interval make maximum hits and make new records.

Our website is the best option to check your spacebar by clicking in a minimum time.

You can also improve yourself by using this tool. It’s an entertaining & fun tool that cannot let you get bored while you are playing.

If you want to test your click bar then this spacebar CPS test is for you.

This spacebar clicker test qualifies a user to accept each type of spacebar speed test challenge.

The spacebar test checks your tapping speed on the spacebar within the chosen time limit and tells you your score, which you made with your clicks.

You don’t need to wait for getting results, once you click on the tap, the result will be generated in just a macro second.

Find out your pressing speed right now with this spacebar clicker test.

You can use the spacebar click test for fun and entertainment, being alone or with your friends.

We also came up with the Spacebar 2000 challenge.

It is a speed test as well, but here you will take this challenge with an automation rival as a monk.

There is no time limit for this challenge, you just have to click extremely fast.

The one who completes the count to 2000 at first, will be the champion of the 2000 spacebar click challenge.

You can also do a sensitivity convertor test to check your keyboard and mouse sensitivity in spacebar speed.

Spacebar Game & Spacebar Challenge

Spacebar games are one of the hottest topics of the day.

They are becoming most popular amongst gamers especially when they want to work on their aim and shoot and boost up hits per second (HPS).

Besides that, spacebar games also help them to become quicker and swifter in their tapping speed.

Not only gamers, but anyone who wants to increase their speed on the keyboard or spacebar can get the advantage of it.

Spacebar Counter Timer

An amazing feature of this game is that we provide the Spacebar Counter with Timer.

Our website does not offer any time limit, and you can set your own favourable time for your spacebar

Spacebar counter 5 seconds

Spacebar counter 15 seconds

Spacebar counter 45 seconds

Spacebar counter 10 seconds

Spacebar counter 30 seconds

Spacebar counter 1 minute

Besides, the tool offers multiple sets of time variations you can choose.

It allows a time limit of 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1 minute. Just set the time as you want to see your number of hits.

The highest world record for space bar clicking is 58 times in just 5 seconds and 320 clicks in 10 seconds.

If a player keeps these figures in his mind, he would improve himself as per world demand.

The performance of the player depends on the selected time limit and the number of clicks.

Furthermore, the spacebar counter timer bounds you to complete your task within a set timer.

If you are lacking in it, you have to restart your game and keep trying until you get your desired results.

Spacebar Challenge Tiktok

Many universal challenges are accepted by people when they get bored.

But unfortunately, most of the challenges are useless without any purpose.

But our spacebar TikTok challenge is one of the challenges which is promoting some productivity.

TikTok is a platform that promotes your videos worldwide.

People share here videos about their clicking tests and challenge others.

Others accept the challenge and make their videos for this purpose. In that way, the cycle keeps revolving.

Our website offers fun and excitement with the spacebar speed test.

If you want to participate in the Spacebar challenge, then the Space Bar game is all you need.

You can play this game to make your TikTok space bar challenge and share the short videos about your hitting speed with your friends and ask them to beat you.

The more you do well, the more you would get likes and comments on your videos.

Let’s record ourselves playing with your spacebar and making the highest spacebar TikTok challenge.


1. How many times can you tap the spacebar?

You can hit the spacebar just more than 300 times within a minute.

This is not a hard rule different people have different practices so on average it would be 7 Hits Per Second(HPS).

One thing is practice increases your speed and makes you more active.

Average hits per second are 8 to 11 and 40 to 50 per 5 seconds.

2. For what purpose do we use the spacebar key?

The spacebar key is mainly used to enter a space in your texts or between typing words.

The spacebar key is the essential part of a keyboard that is necessarily used to generate a space after each word.

Office workers and students need to write a document on the screen.

3. How do I activate my spacebar?

For activating or unlocking the spacebar on your computer keyboard, you have to follow the given steps.

First, you need to open the ease of access centre. For this purpose, press “Windows-U.”

Then press the option of “Make the keyboard easier to use.” After that, select the option of “Turn on Sticky Keys.” Then click the option of “OK” to save your changes.


The Spacebar Counter is a digital tool or website that counts the number of times the spacebar key on a computer keyboard is pressed. It is often used for fun or as a simple way to track and measure one’s typing speed or productivity.