Working with a bondsman is just like a business. While bondsmen aren’t law enforcement personnel, they don’t have any lawful power, particularly when it comes to you or their client. Hence, since they offer an invaluable service to numerous people in times of tremendous need, and deserve to be compensated, paying the bondsman’s fee is imperative; if you don’t pay, it will complicate your life! Also, the contract you’ll sign will be fairly enforceable. So let’s examine what a bail bond entails and what might happen if you don’t pay for it or obey its terms.

What Happens When You Don’t Pay Back A Bail Bondsman

What is a bail bond?

Someone accused of a crime can avoid going to jail during their case proceedings by posting bail. It’s a specific sum of money you have to pay the court to get released. The following are the factors influencing the bail cost:

  • The severity of the offense

  • The defendant’s previous criminal history

  • If the defendant has a high chance of fleeing

  • If the criminal poses a danger to the community

  • Local bail schedules

However, in most severe instances, the criminal won’t get bail entirely and not be eligible for release throughout the case’s duration. Individuals who don’t have enough funds to post bail can employ bail bonds Redding company since they will help cover the majority of the bail cost. According to law, the proportion can’t exceed 10%.

Failure to pay for a bail bond

The contract will be null and void if you don’t pay the premium stipulated by the bail bonds company, implying they are no longer obligated to cover your bail, and you will remain in jail.

If you get discharged before the premium is paid, your bond company has a few alternatives, encompassing:

  • They might notify the court that you or your co-signer haven’t paid the bail amount, and they aren’t further accountable for you, and you might be sent back to jail in such instances. Although you can employ another bail bond agency to pay your bail cost, it will be significantly difficult as you have a history of failure to pay for bail bond services.

  • Another choice your bail bond Yreka company have is to locate you with the help of a bounty hunter and surrender you to custody. Moreover, they have the right to sue you in civil court to recover the money consented to in the contract.

How Long Will You Be Detained If Bail Isn’t Paid?

Depending on your trial’s length and the day your case is finally settled, prison terms might differ from a few days to infinite. Also, considering you don’t necessarily require a substantial amount of cash to bail out a loved one is crucial.

However, if you don’t have money, you can offer your collaterals, such as property, precious assets, automobiles, and so on, to a bail bonds company, which will proceed on your behalf to secure bail. You can take back your collateral once the case is finished and declared settled in the court records.