We all use home entertainment devices like TVs, DVD players, Home theaters, etc. But what to do when the original remote got damaged? It may take a few days to get the right original remote control for your device since it would be ordered and gotten from a trusted dealer. Here comes the chance of the universal remote control.

Back in the day, we were only urged to do so. Order the right original remote control. But as technology has evolved, there were now universal remotes in the market. From the name you now can imagine what really it is.

Still confused, then keep reading.

What is a universal remote control?

A universal remote control is a remote control unit that is designed and developed to work with multiple numbers of devices, it may be of different categories of different branded devices. For example, suppose, if you want to use the remote control for the TV, and the home theater, then you can use the same remote control for these different devices. in another way, the universal remote helps people control more than one device. Simply as that.

This will make a huge impact on home efficiency and simplify controlling the devices.

How to use it?

This is quite simple. The manufacturers of universal remotes have made it easier for people to use. Just want to pair it with the devices that we want to use it for. The pairing process is simply called programming the remote control. There are so many different strategies available that make programming the remote control. Years ago, the basic remotes required programming using codes and it would be likely the numeric characters.

Let us take an example,

If you have a TV say Philips TV, and you have selected the GE (General Electric) universal remote control, then you need to go through a series of GE programming steps using the perfect code that matches the GE universal remote control and your Philips TV. After the successful programming, the remote control gets ready with the device TV. Then you can use the remote control to work with your TV. And one of the best parts is that the same remote control can be programmed to work with other devices too using another code for that particular device.

Additionally, the same GE remote can be programmed to work with Roku streaming TV after pairing with a CL version code. So, you can use the same remote for both your TV as well as the streaming devices.

In the same way, the number of remotes can control the devices, you can pair such devices with it.

Nowadays, Many streaming providers also integrate the universal remote with their set-top boxes as part of their business strategy. The Optimum recently launched their new Optimum remotes that are compatible with many smart TV brands in the market.

Is it difficult to program the remote?

No way. This is not much difficulty in programming the remote control. All that you need to do is to find the perfect code for your TV or any other device, and then carefully do the 2 – 3 simple steps to pair the remote control. There will be different codes for the different universal remote controls. The code for the GE universal remote for Philips TV may not work with the RCA universal remote control. Moreover, the programming process or method is also different for the different universal remote controls.

But with the evolution of the smartphone and the smart universal remotes, so many smart universal manufacturers have simplified the pairing procedures through a smartphone application.

How long will it take to the settings on the remote control?

This is the perfect question. The settings or programming code will be there on the remote control until the remote control undergoes the factory reset. But so many remotes will get reset by simply soft reset aka the power recycling. What does it mean? When the remote control battery is removed from the remote for a few seconds or minutes, the programmed settings will go off.

Suggestions for buying the right remote?

You should check whether the universal remote control is compatible with the brand of the device you are using. You should check whether the right code is available.

Then the number of devices a universal remote can work with. I use the sofabaton U1 remote as well as the GE 8 device remote. For the Sofabaton U1, it can work with 15 different devices at a time, and with the GE 8 device remote, I can manage different 8 devices like TV, DVD player, smart TV, etc.


This is a great gadget you can simply hold it at home. It can be used as a spare remote control. When the original remotes have been broken, you can simply take the remote from the shelf and then program it into the device. Though this no needs any technical knowledge. Simply program and start using. If you want any help with universal remote, simply visit our site for a free consultation.