APEGS Permission to Consult is for those eligible members wishing to provide consulting geoscience or engineering services directly or indirectly.

Consulting geoscience or engineering services are for a party other than the employer of that member. There is not any application fee related to Permission to Consult. However, a member must maintain their yearly membership and licence.

Do you need Permission to Consult?

An ‘employee’ geoscientist or engineer doesn’t need to have permission to consult. The condition is that professional engineering or geoscience services are for employers and not, directly or indirectly, for another person.

For instance, a professional geoscientist doesn’t need Permission to consult. The condition is they work as an exploration geoscientist in a company involved in oil and gas exploration and development. However, if the same professional offering services on a consulting basis, they need permission to consult.

A contract employee, as opposed to a permanent employer-employee relationship, doesn’t need permission to consult. The bylaw provides that an eligible member can get permission to consult within the area(s) of practice they are competent. They provide the area(s) of practice they propose to offer consulting services as per the guide (describing areas of practice). Mostly, the permission is approved as requested. However, sometimes, the description may be reworded. APEGS members are reminded of their ethical obligation to provide services and advice on or take up professional assignments. These areas must be of their competence, and they must practice carefully and diligently.

If the holder is on a Certificate of Authorization list, they must place their signature. In addition, they need to place their registration on all documents that are prepared under their supervision. They must place both these things within the C of a seal appearing on the document.

The holder can’t offer consulting services nor supervise any professional activities in an area of practice besides their

In an area of practice for which permission to consult has not been acknowledged, the holder can’t offer consulting services. Furthermore, they can’t supervise professional activities in that area.

Eligibility criteria:

The following are the eligibility criteria you need to fulfill for APEGS Permission to Consult:

You must have registration with APEGS as a professional geoscientist, engineer, engineering/geoscience licensee or temporary licensee. (Hire an expert knowing very well about APEGS work experience reporting and all these registration titles for help).

Having all Continuing Professional Development reporting up-to-date with APEGS is a must. Besides that, you need to have it up-to-date with another Canadian geoscience/engineering regulator.

Application process:

  • Complete the Notice of Intent to Consult form.
  • After that, mail the authority the completed form via its Contact Us page.
  • You don’t need to pay any application fee.
  • The authority will reach you by mail if it needs additional information. Moreover, it may contact you if requiring changes to the description in the ‘Area of Practice’ section on the application.

Requirements for Certificate of Authorization:

Fulfill the following requirements to attain a Certificate of Authorization (C of A):

There must be a minimum of one official representative with registration with APEGS. Besides that, their duty must be to make sure that the act and Bylaws are adhered to.

To be an Official Representative for a C of A, you need to be an active member and licensed. If your licence is waived for the year, it must be reactivated. It should be reactivated as a P.Eng, P.Geo, Engineering Licensee, Geoscience Licensee or Temporary Licensee. A Member-in-Training can’t be an Official Representative for a C of A.

All Official Representatives need to sign the application form.

You need to pay an application fee of $325.00 and GST.

Corporations with five or fewer professional members must pay an annual fee of $400.00 and GST. For corporations with 6 or more professional members,$800.00 must be pro-rated and must be paid.

To determine the annual fee, the number of professional members includes all engineers or geoscientists bearing responsibility for their work. It includes those that a company has employed or contacted, and they have registration anywhere in Canada.

The application needs to include:

  • A copy of the certificate of amalgamation, incorporation, amendment, and so on
  • The CofA Description of Professional Services and Payment form.

The application may require including a copy of the business name registration (if applicable).