Cloud Computing is nothing but a exercise of providing of Cloud Services (Storage, Computation, Databases, Security, etc) on hire and also through a network that can be accessed over the internet. To understand it in better way we need to go about 20 years back from here. In the early 2000, in order to host an application, we required to buy stack servers and have skilled professionals to set the infrastructure up. The process looked simple, but there were some drawbacks.

• Servers were costly back then, and they still are
• It was a bit difficult to find skilled professionals
• A lot of efforts went into planning and process

What it supposed was the owner had to pay the amount in buying servers. Then spend more money in people who could set it up. The evening after a lot of planning, there was never certainty on how many resources were enough and how many were too much?

As an owner, one would always be anxious about money resources, planning and scalability. Hence there was very less time one could dedicate to in fact focus on business. Also, this meant setting up such business was becoming imperfect to ones who could afford it. This is where Cloud Computing came to save the day. There were service providers in the market that taking place in providing Compute, Storage, Networking, and other application hosting services on ‘pay as you go model’.
This meant people could lease these services and pay for only those services they used and only for the time period they used those for. Also, these services providers managed the configuration, scalability and management division. In simple terms, this solved all the issues we listed over. This process we just discussed, evolved and started to be known as Cloud Computing.

Do you know what is AWS(Amazon Web Server)? AWS encourages organizations to enlarge their operational competence through the power of data, for example, leveraging SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and SQL servers to collect the data. Servers are hired so Amazon deals with the security, maintaining servers while supporting the easy corporation. Additionally, AWS offers migration, networking, development tools, and management to its customers and used by many organizations to make their revenue higher. The platform has a variety of advantages and is deployed at a huge level that improves the security and safety of confidential data.

Here are some of the popular customers of Amazon Web Services

• Samsung
• MI
• McDonald’s
• Airbnb
• Netflix
• Unilever

Amazon Web Services is also known as the gold standard of Cloud Computing and it has cause for it. Amazon Web Services is a global leader in terms of Public Cloud market share and provides cloud solutions in 245 different countries all over the globe. It provides more than 200 Cloud Computing services. The major reason why this is the market leader and why you should choose it.

Why Choose Amazon Web Services:

Amazon Web Services(AWS) offers many benefits, let us explore a few of these:

AWS Pricing: Whether you are a small scale startup or a full-fledged enterprise, Amazon Web Services has you covered when it comes to pricing. Firstly it offers ‘pay as you go model’, that means you pay for resources in volumes and duration you use them for.

Security: Amazon Web Services takes Cloud Security to the next level. It ensures your infrastructure is safe physically and also over the network, that consumers use to access it.
Flexible: Not a lot needs to be said about the flexibility, when a platform offers, 200+ services in 245 countries.

Zero Commitment: Whether you require to host a website, or even a high traffic hosting content delivery network. Amazon Web Services remains you covered. You spawn a virtual machine, a database service or a data warehouse. This happens with you not requiring to be in an upfront commitment. This is for the reason that Amazon Web Services charges you on per minute and for some resources per hour basis. This means you are not tied with any yearly, quarterly or even monthly commitments.

Scalability and Procurement: If your applications lie down on premise, procuring your servers may take a lot of time. It can be a few hours to even 1- weeks. This holds true for your software licenses. Amazon Web Services paints a very different picture when it comes to procurement. You can launch new virtual machines or instances in a matter of minutes and save a lot of time and effort. When it comes to scalability AWS make certain you can scale up and down instantly to adjust to spikes your infrastructure may face.

PaaS Offerings: AWS offers an infrastructure that is scalable and also covers core domains, like compute storage, databases, networking.

API Support: API give us programmatic control over the resources we use. It comes to taking data backup, or even launching instances this all can be done API’s and in short, it gives us more power compared to AWS management console. AWS Supports plenty of API’s and SDK’s that let you have control over these resources.

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