Friends, if you also want to join the army, then you must give the NDA exam. Through the NDA exam, you can get into the Indian Army and Air force, which gives you a lot of options to go into the army. Friends, the most respect and status in our country is the job of the army. Friends, Army is the shield of our country. Today we live safely in this country only because of them. There are soldiers of our country, who protect our country day and night and give us a secure future. Friends, if you also join the army, then along with serving the country, you get a chance to get a lot of respect. Join NDA Coaching in Dehradun Friends, the army is called the servant of the country. They directly serve our country and they are the real heroes of our country. Friends, today lakhs of children are preparing for NDA, but only those children succeed, who have all the correct information about NDA.


What is NDA?

The full form of NDA is the national defense academy.

  • Friends, through the NDA exam, you can take recruitment in 3 armies of India. Army, Navy, and Air Force.
  • NDA is the first 3 service academy in the world. UPSC conducts the NDA exam twice a year across the country.
  • The NDA exam is also called as NA exam. Students who pass this exam must go through an interview after they pass it online. After that, they have training in this academic.
  • The students who want to join the army have separate training. The students who want to join the Air Force have separate training and according to the training they get a rank.
  • NDA has a different identity in our country. It has given a total of 27 army chiefs so far. Our country has only three Paramveer Chakra soldiers.
  • NDA army provides a leadership quality and is complete to ex-servicemen only. So that he can serve our country well.


How to join National Defence Academy?

Students who have taken Maths and Physics in class 12th can appear in this exam. Friends, as I said that UPSC conducts the NDA exam twice a year, to give this exam, first of all you have to fill out the form for the NDA Entrance Exam Test by going to the official website of UPSC.


Apply Now

In this exam, you have to appear in 2 phases.

In SSB (Service Selection Board) assesses students in the second phase through an interview, in which they are tested on their group discussion skills, physical fitness, etc. In the first phase, there is a written test. Students who pass the written test are invited to attend an interview with SSB (Service Selection Board) in the second phase. The students who succeed in this interview are sent for training according to their posts. After training, he joins NDA.


Eligibility for National Defence Academy:

Friends, if you want to join the Indian Army, you have to pass class 12th in any stream with 60% marks.

Friend, if you want to go to Indian Air Force or Indian Navy, then you have to pass the 12th examination in Physics, and Math subjects with 60% marks.

Both male and female candidates can apply for the NDA exam.

Candidate must be physically and mentally fit.

Your eyesight should be perfect.


Age Limit for NDA

The minimum age for NDA should be 16.5 years and the maximum age should be up to 19 years.


Other Qualifications for NDA:

Students must be Indian and unmarried to be able to take the NDA exam.


Physical Eligibility for NDA:

NDA Physical Qualification – Before joining NDA you should know that you are going to work in the army. You are not selected for the army only for your physical strength, so it is very important for you to be physically and mentally healthy.

  • Unless you are mentally fit, you cannot join the army. Because the work of the army is done.
  • The patient, can’t take any decision by getting angry quickly. You always have to take that decision after thinking carefully, for this National Defence Academy has kept some of its physical parameters.
  • The Indian Force and the Indian Army keep their physical standards the same, while the Indian Navy keeps their standards somewhat different.
  • According to this, weights vary depending on height, such as 42.5 kg to 66.5 kg for students with a height of 152 to 183 cm in the Indian Air Force and Indian Army, whereas it is slightly different for the Indian Navy.
  • Students whose height ranges from 152 cm to 183 cm. Their weight should be from 44 kg to 6 kg. Students have to cover a distance of 2.4 km in 15 minutes and they have to do sit-ups 20 times.


How is the NDA exam?

NDA exam pattern – Friends, before telling the pattern of this exam, I want to tell you some things which will help you a lot in preparation.

  • In this exam, you are asked difficult questions about Maths, for this you have to strengthen your maths and you have to spend more time on your maths subject.
  • Make a timetable for other subjects so that you can give enough time to those subjects and prepare well for them.
  • By making a timetable, your study is also good and you can work in a disciplined manner.
  • Discipline is the biggest thing in the army. If you already work in a disciplined manner, then you will be very comfortable and you will also enjoy it a lot.
  • On the last time of the exam, you should solve the questions from previous years of NDA. So that you can understand what type of questions can be asked in NDA?
  • In the exam, you are asked questions about current affairs. For this, make a habit of reading the newspaper daily and note down some important things from it so that you have knowledge about the country and the world and you can answer the questions asked correctly.
  • In this exam, you have to be healthy both mentally and physically. That’s why it becomes very important to pay attention to your physical health as well.


 The NDA exam is done in two phases –

  • The first stage consists of a written test and
  • In the second you have an interview.


  • In the interview, you are also taken a Physical test, Aptitude test & Intelligence test. There is also a group discussion.
  • A question paper is available for the written exam, in which you will be asked questions about mathematics.
  • In the second paper, you are asked questions from General Studies.
  • In this, questions of your General Knowledge, English, Current Affairs, Aptitude, Physics, Chemistry, etc. are also asked and you are also asked questions of General Knowledge.


National Defence Academy

  • Friends, a total of 900 questions are asked in this exam.
  • 300 marks are asked for your Mathematics and 600 marks are asked for your General Studies question paper.
  • You get 2:30-2:30 hours for both question papers.
  • Friends, in this exam, 120 questions are asked about the subject of Mathematics and 150 questions are asked about General Studies. A total of 270 questions are asked in this whole exam.
  • There is also a negative marking in this exam. Your marks are deducted for wrong answers.
  • Those students who are successful in this written test, get a chance to sit for the interview of SSB.
  • This interview is 4 to 5 hours and this interview is of 900 marks.


Syllabus of NDA

Friends, in this exam you are asked questions about two subjects –

  • General Studies
  • Questions are asked from Mathematics.
  • There are also questions related to English, General Knowledge, Indian Geography, History, and Economics in General Studies.
  • This also asks you questions about Physics. The Indian Navy and Indian Air Force also ask questions related to Physics.
  • The NDA maths syllabus covers algebra, integral calculus, differential calculus, and all the topics taught in class 12.


NDA training

  • You can choose which post to train for after passing the written test, interview, and physical test.
  • ​If you want to join the Indian Army, then there will be 3 years of training in NDA and 1 year of training in the Indian Army Cadet.
  • ​If you have opted for the Indian Navy then you will have 3 years of training in NDA and 1 year of training in the naval academy.
  • There will be three years of training in NDA and 1.5 years of training at AFA Hyderabad (for air force cadets).

Friends, I have tried to give you all the information about NDA in this article. What is NDA? How do you join NDA? How to prepare for NDA? What is the syllabus of NDA? What is the exam pattern of NDA?