Many wellness practices help your physical health and target muscle pain and injuries. Osteopathy is one such practice that heals the entire body by bringing balance to your body as a whole. Osteopathy near me uses practices such as massage, acupuncture, and spinal adjustment as part of the treatment.


What is Osteopathy?


Osteopathy uses manual hands-on techniques, without relying on drugs to improve circulation and correct altered biomechanics. Osteopathy physicians do not simply focus on the obvious symptoms illnesses or affected injury areas of your body, but instead, balance out your body systems for overall good health and well-being. Diagnosing and treating them is called Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.


These physicians use their skills, knowledge, and techniques to find the root cause of pain and discomfort before treating your whole body. Osteopathy works like chiropractic as both focus on the overall fitness of the body and believe the correct spinal alignment to be crucial to obtain an optimally healthy body. Osteopathy often employs techniques where that manipulate your spine to increase blood flow circulation and improve central nervous system functionality throughout the body.


List of possible techniques used


The techniques listed aim to improve movement, reduce pain, and encourage blood flow to your body. These physicians may employ a variety of techniques such as stretching stiff joints, articulation, massage, high-velocity thrusts, acupuncture, etc.


  • Stretching stiff joints is simply used to reduce muscle pain.
  • Articulation is where your joints are moved through their natural motion which also helps evaluate muscle injury and reduce muscle pain.
  • High-velocity thrusts are mainly short and sharp movements to the spine, which usually produce clicking noises that sound a lot like cracking your knuckles. These are used for spinal manipulation treatment.
  • Acupuncture and dry needling are techniques that are recently being used by physicians to treat severe muscle pain and spasms. Acupuncture uses channel theory and strategic points in the body to stimulate natural healing, while dry needling uses strong stimulation of muscles to get them to release. There are some good places for acupuncture in Adelaide if you are seeking treatment.


Osteopathy working process


  1. The osteopathic physician asks about your general health, symptoms, and other medical care you may have received.
  2. These physicians start with a physical examination where they use their hands to find areas of restriction, weakness, tenderness, or strain within your body, while particularly focusing on the spine. If you provide your consent, then they may also remove your clothes for the examination.
  3. They then discuss with you whether osteopathy can heal your health condition and what treatment would be employed.
  4. Depending on your condition, these physicians may employ numerous techniques listed. It may take up to one to three sessions for you to recover based on what condition you are afflicted with.