Do you dream of attaining a positive Australian Computer Society Skills assessment by means of the RPL pathway? If yes, reading this blog will work wonders for you.

Here, we will provide you with a clear idea of the RPL report so that you can attain a positive Australian Computer Society skills assessment

What is an RPL ACS report? 

RPL, Recognition of Prior Learning, is an official competency report that you need to write to the Australian Computer Society (ACS). By means of this report, you will be able to demonstrate your IT work experience, skills and knowledge to the assessment authority. On the basis of this report, the authority will assess your competency to ensure that you can work in the Australian IT sector. 

Who can use the RPL pathway? 

There are two types of candidates who can pick the RPL pathway. They are: 

Those with non-ICT degree qualifications: if you fall into this category, you need a minimum of 6 years of work experience as a professional IT employee in a field related to the nominated occupation ANZSCO code. 

Those who don’t tertiary qualifications: if you fall into this category, you need to have 8 years of relevant work experience. 

ACS RPL report sections: 

The ACS application form consists of two sections. These sections are as follows: 

Section 1: Key Knowledge Area: 

Throughout your professional career, you developed the expertise and competency put to use in the Key Information Areas. You need to describe your experience and skills regarding the specified Areas of Knowledge, mentioning the process and where you attained them. Besides the Essential Core ICT Knowledge, we advise you to choose one course from the General ICT Knowledge. 

Section 2: The Project Report Form: 

Your IT skills can be demonstrated by means of a project in which you mention a job or task that you have fulfilled. So, highlight a key project or job experience you have had throughout your IT career for a positive ACS Australia assessment

A report needs to focus on a major project or professional expertise that you have attained throughout your ICT career. The purpose of these reports is for you to get a feel for how clearly you understand and can use the knowledge areas identified in Section 1 of this application. 


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