Clients around the world will continue to anticipate the quick delivery of goods via air freight as the world economy expands. Products and items (also known as cargo) that are transported by air are referred to as air freight. Options for air freight transportation include commercial cargo aircraft, passenger aircraft’s cargo hold, and passenger aircraft. The air freight provider you’ve chosen receives the cargo at the airline terminal to begin the air freight transit process. Following preparation, it is loaded into the airplane. In this article, you are going to learn everything you need to know about air freight cargo in Singapore

Different Options in Air Freight Services in Singapore

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Airline companies provide a variety of services for moving freight by air.

  1. General cargo: This is the most affordable choice, where items are loaded into the plane’s “belly.”
  2. Priority assistance: Also known as “first flight out” service.
  3. Over-the-counter service: When shipping by air, this form of freight is received at the airline terminal.
  4. Hand carry service: The most expensive option is the hand carry service, when someone picks up your cargo and flies with it. Air freight that is handled by hand is often used for paperwork, valuable supplies, and pricey items.

Which Items Can Be Shipped by Air?

As long as they comply with the rules and regulations implemented by IATA, you can ship your goods via air cargo. According to IATA’s regulations, the following items can be shipped as air freight.

  • Perishable agricultural products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Seafood
  • Seasonal products
  • Flora and fauna 
  • Documents
  • Product samples
  • Electronics 

Which Items Are Not Allowed on Aircraft?

 Some products can’t be shipped by aircraft because they are too large or heavy. Aside from the obvious factors that affect air freight, there are numerous regulations for goods on aircraft. Flammable, hazardous, and other dangerous goods, such as batteries, magnets, and cellphones, have stringent regulations surrounding them; some of these goods can be transported by air, but not all of them. The items that each airline will allow and won’t take are governed by different policies.

How Long Does It Take to Ship Freight by Air?

Depending on where you are and where your goods are going, air freight transportation can take a while. Cross-country air freight can reach a destination for essential services in six to seven hours, although international shipping might take a little longer. It should be noted that this only applies to air travel; once an airplane has arrived, commodities still need to be transferred to the final location. Even though air freight is the quickest method of exporting products, delays and closures can cause delivery times of a week or more.

Advantages of Air Freight Services

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If you need to ship high-value, limited-volume items, air cargo services are the best option. Transporting things of all sizes and forms is a realistic alternative to this kind of transportation. Due to the rapidity, many business owners use air freight services. Here are a few advantages of using air freight services. 

  1. It is the Fastest Shipping Method.

It is recommended to use air freight services if you need to transport the items as quickly as possible to another location. This is unquestionably quicker than transporting services by sea or by road. Additionally, the arrival and departure times are typically accurate.

  1. It Has a Global Network.

Air freight in Singapore has a broad global network. Door-to-door air freight is the ideal choice for long-distance shipments. The majority of airlines travel to a wide variety of locations and airports. Any safe location on the globe is included in the coverage region.

  1. Its Insurance Premium is Comparatively Low.

Compared to carrying goods by sea or by land, air freight is less labor-intensive. You may pay less for insurance because the items are in transit for a shorter amount of time.

  1. It Does Not Require Large Warehouses. 

Utilizing air freight reduces the need for local warehousing and eliminates the need to maintain inventory. Most cargoes are processed quickly and easily within a few hours because of efficient cargo handlers, customs clearance, and cargo inspection.

  1. It Is the Safest Method of Shipping Freight 

A high level of security is provided by the aviation sector. As a result, it has the capacity to reduce the chance of theft and damage occurring during shipment. To handle the goods, the airport has certain unique procedures. The airport administration always maintains strict supervision over these measures.

How Are Air Freight Rates Calculated?

It goes without saying that air freight services in Singapore are slightly more expensive than other shipping options. The cost will vary depending on the products being shipped, the carrier and aircraft you select, and the consignment’s chargeable weight. Volumetric weight or gross weight is less than the charged weight (freight, packaging, and pallet included). The cargo’s dimensions (LxWxH) are divided by a dimensional weight factor in the calculation used to calculate the volumetric weight. Because it takes into account the fact that larger, lighter products frequently occupy more space than smaller, heavier ones, air freight companies utilize the chargeable weight formula.

To Sum Up

There are numerous situations in which it would be ideal to ship items via air freight, even though not all goods can be shipped by air. If your freight has to be delivered securely within a limited time frame, air freight cargo in Singapore would be the ideal option available for you.