Obesity is fast spreading among people in the world today and as such more and more people are looking for solutions to dealing with this condition. There are two effective ways of losing the excess weight that is synonymous with obesity; Weight loss surgery near me and through proper nutrition programs run by a qualified Best Palms Springs Nutritionist. These two ways are designed to offer the patients lasting results in as far as their weight loss is concerned.

Weight loss surgery

This type of surgery is aimed at obese people whose body mass index (BMI) exceeds 30 and in some instances lower BMI if there are any health threats detected. There are various types of obesity surgery namely duodenal switch, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and lap band surgery. It offers a permanent solution to losing weight as you can be able to get as much as 80% of the excess weight in your body reduced.

The gastric bypass surgery is the most common obesity surgery and entails the creation of a stomach pouch that is small in size and assists in limiting the amount of food intake, which is the goal of the surgery process. This generally reduces the calorie and nutrient amounts that are absorbed by the body leading to a rapid loss of weight. This is a great option for individuals whose BMI is over 40. It is also recommended for people who have lower BMI’s but could be suffering from illnesses that are obesity related like high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes.

It is a laparoscopic type of surgery and thus minimal incisions are made thereby reducing surgery risks and recovery time. It is more effective in weight loss than the gastric band procedure and is the most preferred surgery procedure for people who love to eat lots of sweets and chocolates. The calories and fats that are found in these snacks always bypass the stomach and enter the small intestine undigested. Patients who undergo this procedure require mineral and nutritional supplements in order to aid their bodies get the right nutritional and mineral intake ratios.


For obese people who cannot undergo Keto Diet Nutritionists or do not wish to go the surgery route, they can opt for the weight loss and nutritional program that is medically supervised. It is a program that is recommended for all people who wish to lose their excess weight, lead a healthy lifestyle and change eating behaviors. Participants are usually guided through the weight loss programs that are geared towards the implementation of healthy behaviors. The participants are assisted by a professional Best Palm Springs Nutritionist. The professional nutritionist assists you by offering weekly support, tracks your weight and also offers consultation in nutrition to ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle.

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