In the world of computers and the internet, there are two important jobs related to using the cloud: cloud consultants and cloud architects. They both help with the cloud, but they do different things.

Cloud Consultant

What They Do:

A cloud consultant is like a helpful guide. They talk to businesses and figure out what they need from the cloud. Then, they make plans to use the cloud in the best way for that business. They help with making decisions about what kind of cloud computing services a company should use.

Skills They Have:

Cloud consultants know a lot about computers and the internet. They understand different cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. They’re good at understanding what a business needs and helping them use the cloud to do better.

How They Work:

First, they talk to the company and learn what they do. Then, they make plans and suggestions about how to use the cloud to help that company. They help with things like choosing the right cloud services, making budgets, and ensuring everything is safe and works well.

Cloud Architect

What They Do:

A cloud architect is like a builder. They take the plans made by the consultant and make them real. They know a lot about how computers and the cloud work together. They design and create the actual systems and structures in the cloud.

Skills They Have:

Cloud architects are experts in technical things. They understand how to design systems using the cloud, like making sure all the parts work together smoothly. They’re good at choosing the right tools and setting up the cloud systems.

How They Work:

Once they have the plans from the consultant, architects start building. They set up the systems in the cloud, make sure everything fits together, and test that it works well. They’re responsible for making the plans work in real life.

The Key Differences


  • Consultants focus on understanding what a business needs and planning how to use the cloud to meet those needs.
  • Architects focus on making the plans from the consultant a reality by building and setting up the actual systems in the cloud.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Consultants are good at understanding business goals and knowing what services would be best for a company.
  • Architects are skilled in the technical aspects, knowing how to design and implement cloud systems.

Role in the Process:

  • Consultants guide and advise businesses on cloud strategy and decisions.
  • Architects take those strategies and designs, implementing them practically in the cloud.

In a nutshell, while both are essential in helping businesses use the cloud effectively, consultants focus on planning and advising, while architects focus on building and making those plans a reality in the cloud.