Have you ever thought about how crucial it has become to transform your internal IT services to cater to the increasing complexity of today’s modern world? You can estimate its significance based on the fact that, for the first time in 2019, worldwide IT service spending surpassed $1 trillion. It has increased to more than 1.3 trillion U.S. dollars globally by 2023.

Considering the IT significance, most companies equip their internal IT departments with expert staff and modern technology to meet the digital world’s needs. However, it’s not every company’s cup of tea. It costs a lot and makes it extremely difficult to keep up with all the resources, expertise, and tools at the same time. 

To navigate such challenges, organizations need a complete and flexible solution. The answer lies in outsourcing, which is of two types: managed IT services and co-managed IT services. In this article, we will go over the differences between both types that will help you choose the right service for your business! 

Managed Vs. Co-Managed IT Services

What Are Managed IT Services? 

Managed IT refers to a service that takes care of all aspects of your company’s IT. They function as a part of your business team, managing your IT infrastructure with full responsibility. They also provide you and your employees with guidance and input when asked to make your operation effective. Companies that lack professional in-house IT staff utilize this service to focus on their core responsibilities. 

What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

In co-managed IT, the company’s existing IT staff works with IT service providers to bridge the gap of expertise, time, and resources needed to manage their technological infrastructure effectively. They also work as co-pilots, providing a helping hand while your in-house team or any expert is on vacation or sick leave.  

Pros and Cons of Managed IT Services


There are several benefits to acquiring managed IT services. Some of the most impactful are: 

  • They provide greater support as their staff has all the expertise and resources needed to meet the requirements of the ever-evolving high-tech world. 
  • They will put an end to any worries you may have about IT services. They will give you the utmost support by efficiently dealing with all your technological matters and allowing you to focus on the core responsibilities. 
  • They provide you with their services 24/7, enabling you to resolve any issue in IT infrastructure during non-business hours.
  • They enable you to save costs by removing the need to keep your internal IT staff knowledgeable and equipped with advanced resources.  
  • They offer the flexibility to scale up or down quickly to meet a company’s specific needs. This helps them grow significantly without facing major disruptions. 


Although managed IT offers numerous benefits, there are some drawbacks as well.

  • It will cost you more than co-managed IT, as you are not going to share the management responsibilities of your IT. 
  • You have the least control over your IT infrastructure since you are hiring an external source to manage every aspect of your technological system. 
  • They don’t provide on-site support as much as your in-house experts can.

Pros and Cons of Co-Managed IT Services 


There are numerous benefits to co-managed IT services. Some of the potential advantages include: 

  • They are less expensive than fully managed services, as they share the responsibilities with your in-house IT staff. 
  • They boost your internal professional staff with their expertise and advanced resources to meet the ever-evolving business requirements of today’s world. 
  • You have control over your IT infrastructure, allowing you to manage your IT-related strategy, mentoring, and more. 
  • They save the time you will invest in training your IT employees before initiating any big project. They start working on your project as soon as you hire them, benefitting you with their IT services without further delay. 
  • They allow you to keep your internal IT staff. In case there is an urgent need for on-site support, it will enable you to take the services of your in-house professionals immediately.


There are certain disadvantages associated with this service. It includes: 

  • It provides businesses with flexibility; however, there are certain risks related to the disruptions in structure and control caused by internal staff. 
  • They work with your existing It experts, so you have to maintain an internal staff with the necessary expertise and resources. 
  • You have to keep a budget irrespective of any financial fluctuations, which you can spend on maintaining internal staff and external providers. In case of disruption and equilibrium, it will affect your business’s overall IT efficiency. 

Which Service is Best For Your Business? 

While deciding to choose between managed IT services and co-managed IT services, consider the following questions. This will help you decide which goes best with your needs: 

  • Do you have an in-house staff with the expertise and advanced resources to manage your IT infrastructure efficiently? If “NO,” then choose fully managed IT service. 
  • Do you want more control over your IT systems? If “YES,” then go for Co-Managed service. 
  • Do you want 24/7 IT support to navigate the challenges and resolve all issues promptly? If “YES,” managed IT will be your best choice. Co-managed service can also work, but make sure your internal staff is present to assist them. 
  • Do you want to focus on your core operations without worrying about maintaining your internal staff? If “YES,” go with managed services. 
  • Do you want to keep the IT staff on-site while helping them benefit from modern expertise and resources? If “YES,” choose co-managed service.
  • Do you have a limited budget but have in-house professionals with fixed resources? If  “YES,” co-managed will be a great option.

Final Thoughts   

Globalization and revolutionary changes have brought the greatest need to transform your IT services from normal to exceptional! Understanding the two major types of outsourcing for information technology, i.e., managed IT services and co-managed IT services, is essential. Axio ITM feels pride in delivering a powerful IT backbone for companies to thrive. Whether it’s managed or co-managed we provide a complete solution to tackle all your technological concerns, helping businesses bravely confront future obstacles!