Electricity plays an essential role in modern-era lives. We can’t even imagine our life without electricity. We are surrounded by technology and numerous appliances for our day-to-day activities. Sometimes, we experience uneven power faults or uninterrupted power supply.

Suman Electricals, the leading transformer manufacturer in India, manufactures a wide range of transformers to meet the needs of customers. We have used the most advanced technology in our manufacturing unit. We produce high-quality and heavy-duty transformers for Industrial units.

As we know, the Industrial sector centers its work on large and heavy equipment. For this, they must ensure the safe, accurate, and best use of the power supply. To commit speedy power supply, the significance of transformers in industrial units is seen. They keep the voltage level in balance and are efficient for the power system.

For the smooth operation of devices for longer, the Transformer is the only device. It is the safest way to run the units and has an unbreakable power supply in the industry. If the industrial sector wants continuity of work. Have heavy-duty and high-quality transformers in this technological era.

What is Transformer?

Transformer is an electric device. It is used to transfer electric energy from one circuit to another circuit. This transfer is possible through electromagnetic induction. It is most commonly referred to as the increase or decrease in the voltage level between the circuits. It is also known as the gateway of electricity.

Transformer has three main parts – a primary winding, a secondary winding, and a magnetic core. The Primary winding is connected to the primary source of electricity. The Magnetic core takes the magnetic flux to pass through it. It links with the secondary winding and Electric and magnetic fields is induced. The voltage rise from the secondary winding is the output. And that is supplied to other circuits.

Transformers are the power plants. They generate large amounts of electric current. However, we can’t directly use this high voltage for various applications. They provide the right energy to the utilities. Hence, transformers play an important role in power systems.  

What is the need to use Transformer?

Transformer meets the severity requirements of power. Concerning the power grid, they are the true support in powerful storms. A constant supply of electricity is the solution to all the glitches such as voltage problems, downtime, and faults.

If you want to enjoy the top performance of power and efficiency? Transformers prove best in terms of cost and energy. They are extremely reliable in operation and environmentally sound. For the incompatible requirement, a transformer is the only thing.

Transformers prevent condensed flux leakage and iron loss. It is only possible when you ensure perfect voltage maintenance. For this, it is widely used in power transmission and distribution. They serve efficiently over a wide frequency range. They are the critical resource to supply energy over the applications.

When the energy travels over a long distance, it gets lost. A Transformer power supply makes electric power accessible with ease and safety. Simply, the Transformer grants electricity in a usable format and travels over long distances. It simply means power plants can economically deliver electricity.

Transformers ensure the power entering the area is safe for the light bulbs and other outlets. They adjust the voltage flow into the appliance to the required level. They pump the electricity through the appliance to keep it operating.

Importance of a Transformer in the Industrial Sector

Industrial applications are inherent with jumbo equipment and giant machinery. They need high-voltage Transformers to ensure an accurate, appropriate, safe, and risk-free power supply. Now, we are going to talk in detail about the importance of transformers in the Industrial sector.

Transformer helps to improve the safety and efficiency of the power system by maintaining the voltage level as needed. It ministers to a huge range of industrial applications, it is important in the distribution and regulation of power over long distances.

Let’s see the importance of transformers in different industrial sectors:

  1. Manufacturing Industries

In India, there are various types of manufacturing industries. This includes steel, iron, and several engineering products. And they need high-voltage supplies with safety concerns. The Industrial transformers are so well designed to endure the mechanical, thermal, and dielectric constraints of manufacturing furnaces.

Suman Electricals are considered the eminent distribution transformer manufacturer. They have the most customized solution transformers as per the specifications. For industrial applications, we have our well-engineered power management system.

  1. Electrochemical Industries

Electroplating is a common process in the electrochemical industry. Electrolysis of different ingredients such as copper, zinc and chlorine, etc. is carried out. Rectifier transformers play an important role in it.

  1. Automobile Industries

Nowadays, electric vehicles are in great demand. Automobile industries require different batteries for vehicles at the same time. The Smart and customized transformers are designed to monitor the voltage level. They provide the right power supply to the charging equipment. And helps in saving costs.

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