With the current rise in technological advancement, if there is one thing that hasn’t changed, it is the need for security protocol followed by businesses. In fact, companies are now more vigilant than ever – the businesses we see around us today need advanced security measures to protect their assets, employees and clients.

But no matter how many advanced security measures we take, how many security alarms we install, and how many computerized security systems we have, there is always space open for security.

This is where professional security guards come into play. A security guard is responsible for securing the entrances and exits of a building and their work stretches over a wide range of duties pertaining to the safety of an entity. They spend the majority of their time on their feet and are often armed while maintaining or patrolling a property. Their job ensures the safety of a business, which is the reason why there is such a high demand for security guards now.

Today, over 877,087 security guards are employed by a range of businesses in the United States, and the number is expected to keep rising because the need for security guards is increasing with time. Here are the businesses that need to hire professional security guards.

6 Businesses That Need Professional Security Guards

1. Banks and Financial Services

There is no question why a bank or financial service provider would need a security guard. The financial industry is, undoubtedly, the industry with one of the highest needs for security and security guards. Banks are literally a building with an unimaginable amount of money, present on the spot, in cash!

Moreover, they have a large inflow and outflow of customers and the general public on their premises who need a safe space to carry their money. Not having proper security at a bank is not only a financial risk but can also put people inside the building in danger. Hence, the best way to protect a bank and its staff and customers is to hire security guards right at the entrance to check who goes inside the building.

2. Hotels

We have all seen security guards standing by a hotel’s front doors and reception area. This is a common sight, and rightly so, because hotels need professional security guards to ensure the safety of their guests. Hotels are busy buildings with a constant inflow of people of various backgrounds and even nationalities. Most people coming to hotels are travelers staying there for both leisure and work, and they need a well-secured place to leave their belongings or even stay the night.

Not finding a security guard posted at the entrance of the hotel is likely to make the guests lose their trust in its security and safety system, which raises a risk of danger for the guests as well as the staff. Hotels are open and working 24/7 and need multiple guards at all times.

3. Bars and Clubs

It is very common to see security guards outside bars and clubs – considering the number of threats to safety at these places, it is understood how important it is for businesses like bars and clubs to hire multiple security guards at their entrances. Not only are bars and clubs dealing with a high amount of liquor,  which can influence people and sometimes result in unwanted incidents, but they also have a lot of cash and expensive liquor bottles on the premises. Bars and clubs are notorious for their fair share of fights, misconduct, and sometimes even theft and other crimes.

Moreover, there can be any kind of emergency in such a crowded place. Not having a security guard at a bar or a cub only makes that place riskier for the customers and the staff working inside. Bars and clubs need security guards to scrutinize who goes inside and how they come out.

4. Educational Institutes (Schools and Colleges)

Hiring security personnel is essential for educational institutes of all levels. Whether it is a school or a college, you need a security guard to ensure the safety of the students and the staff. Schools and colleges are packed with young children who are innocent, naïve, and have nothing to protect themselves. While schools are not potentially risky premises, it’s always best to be safe than sorry.

Moreover, the growing incidents of school shootings in the US have now raised more emphasis on hiring professional security guards to ensure students’ safety and keep a check on the people in and around the school. Additionally, most security guards have escalation training that can help them contain and control any fights that may occur in or around the campus site. A good professional security personnel team patrolling the campus can really help maintain security in education institutes.

5. Hospitals

Most hospitals have a well-functioning security camera system, but that doesn’t change the fact that the presence of a professional security guard is equally essential in hospital buildings. Hospitals have huge foot traffic and are functional 24/7. People from all backgrounds, experiencing different emergencies, are present in the building, and that is why it is important to have security personnel patrolling hospital grounds at all times.

Moreover, hospitals are large buildings with some wings and departments unattended, and there is a high risk of various types of crimes. From vandalism to murder, there is a possibility for various dangers in a place that has so many people, staff, visitors, and patients as well pharmaceutical drugs and surgical tools present in one place. The possibilities for something dangerous are endless, so it’s best for professional security officers to keep an eye out for suspicious activities.

6. Manufacturing and Construction Businesses

Construction projects and manufacturing companies have high-cost equipment and machines on their premises. They have large sites with serious business activities taking place, and it is always best to have professional security guards present on the site to ensure everyone’s safety and make sure nothing suspicious goes around.

Since most such businesses operate late at night, there is a high risk of illegal and criminal activities, such as vandalism, trespassing, and tampering. Moreover, the people working on these sites also need protection from any dangers lurking around. Hence, hiring professional security personnel to look over the company’s safety measures and protect the employees is important here.

Hire Professional Security Guards for Your Business!

Security is among the top priorities for these businesses – company owners and businessmen need to protect their employees as well as people, such as customers, entering their premises. And the best way to ensure the safety of a property and the people in it is to hire professional security guards who can patrol the building, contain fights, check people entering and exiting the building, and protect everyone in a dangerous situation.

If you are also a business owner looking for ways to upgrade your facility and make your business safer and more secure, we suggest you contact Facilities USA for help!