The glam factor of eyelash extensions must be taken seriously! It takes an artist’s steady hand and expertise to apply them, but it also requires that the client take proper care of their lashes.

Everything in between the application technique and the aftercare of eyelash extensions is essential for achieving maximum retention. The longevity and appearance of the lashes heavily rely on the client’s aftercare. It’s crucial for lash artists to emphasize the significance of eyelash extension maintenance to avoid bad lashing days.

After all, who would want to come across any premature lash popping or clumping? This is why every lash extension Knoxville, TN, professional educate their clients on having a proper aftercare routine that keeps their eyelashes healthy, clean, and beautiful.

Read the blog post further to know when and what a lash tech tells a client about eyelash extension aftercare.

When will a Lash Artist Discuss Aftercare Instructions with Clients?

Aftercare for lash extensions is simple only when you understand its importance. There are crucial stages when the lash artist communicates the aftercare details with their clients. Let’s find out!

Before a Lash Extension Appointment

When you book an appointment for eyelash extensions, the lash artist before your arrival will ask you some questions to ensure that the lash service is a match for your beauty needs.

This is also the time when they explain aftercare instructions and products that you must use for optimum retention and safety of your natural lashes. Having these instructions prior to the appointment helps them plan their showering habits accordingly, as one cannot wash their lashes for at least 24 hours after the procedure.

Maybe Written Aftercare Instructions

Many lash artists also provide clients with written aftercare instructions. Going through this helps them understand the importance of following post-procedure instructions to preserve their lash extensions and avoid any allergic reactions or irritation.

It’s more likely to forget things the lash artist told you in person. So, it’s always better to ask them for a written aftercare guide that you can review later when needed.

What to Do if Clients Lose the Directions

If you misplace your lash aftercare instructions, don’t worry. You can contact your lash artist through a call, text, or email and ask them to provide you with a copy. The lash tech might also be willing to answer any queries that you may have about the aftercare and maintenance of your extensions.

What do Lash Extension Aftercare Instructions Say?

Now that you’ve been provided when lash artists talk about aftercare let’s see what exactly they mention in their aftercare instructions.

No Steam, Water, or Sweat

At least 24 hours after a lash extension appointment, the client must avoid any steam, water, or sweat. This includes hot showers, saunas, steam rooms, and more. For proper bonding of the adhesive to the natural lashes, they must wait 48 hours before getting into the water.

Avoid Hot Blow-Drying

Blow dryers might be helpful to dry our hair faster, but they can be problematic when it comes to lash extensions. That’s why lash artists strongly advise clients to avoid hot blow drying near the lashes, as extreme heat could affect glue retention. If someone has fringes, this advice should be emphasized even more!

Lash Cleansing is Essential

Your lashes might get affected by the daily grime that we have to deal with in our lives. But, with the help of cleansing products designed specifically for lashes, you can keep them clean and healthy. Lash artists generally recommend using a sensitive lash shampoo so that the lashes stay longer and look beautiful.

No Use of Oil-Based Products

Using the products like moisturizers, sunscreens, and other facial products that contain oil can cause lash extensions to lose their adhesive bond. That’s why most lash artists warn clients against using such oil-based products around the eyes. So, switching to oil-free products is the best bet for keeping your lash extensions intact.

Benefits of Lash Sealants 

There are specialized lash products that help protect your lashes from moisture, dust, and oil while enhancing the shine and gloss of eyelash extensions. These sealants are excellent alternatives to mascara, as using mascara can reduce retention or even ruin your lash extensions.

Steer Clear of Crimping

One must stay away from crimping their extensions if one wants to keep their curl and volume. The crimp curler is simply unsuitable for lash extensions as they can cause breakage. If they want more curl or volume, then they need to discuss it with the lash artist prior to the appointment so that their tailored look can be achieved.

Awareness of Swimming Pool Chlorine

When you’re on vacation, and you want to take a dip in the pool, it’s important to remember that pools contain residual oils from sunscreen as well as chlorine. Chlorine can cause breakage or discoloration of your lash extensions if they come in contact with it. So, make sure to rinse off your eyelashes after leaving the pool and keep them safe from any damage.

Safe Sleeping Habits

If you have a habit of sleeping face down, then it’s time to change that. Sleeping on one’s back is ideal for lash extensions as this prevents them from flattening out and losing their shape. Sleeping on the front or sides can cause tension on the lashes, which might eventually lead to more loss. A satin pillowcase can also be a great way to reduce any friction on the lashes.

Proper Brushing and Picking Practices

It’s important to brush your lashes twice a day to keep them tidy and in shape. But, one must be careful not to over-brush and pick at the lashes as this can cause breakage or even loss of natural lashes. When brushing, one should start from the tips and brush in a gentle upward motion. Going too close to the base can make them catch, so it’s best to avoid that area.

What to Do if Irritation or Reactions Occur

When any skin irritation or reaction occurs, the client should contact their lash artist immediately to get it evaluated. The lash artist then can take appropriate action, depending on the situation. Every situation is unique and a learning experience for the artist as well, who can then implement certain procedures to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

Never Remove Lash Extensions at Home

When you want to remove your lash extensions, never try to do it yourself. It is advised to search for eyelash extensions near me and contact a professional lash tech. The lash artist will have the right tools and knowledge to safely remove your eyelash extensions with minimal damage to your natural lashes.

The experts also suggest infill appointments after 2-4 weeks to ensure your lashes are in perfect condition and last longer. So, follow the instructions carefully, and your lash extensions will stay in their pristine condition.

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Take Extra Care with Professional Eyelash Extensions Today!

As you can see, eyelash extensions do require special care and attention. But, with the right aftercare regimen, you can keep your lash extensions looking beautiful for months!

So, if you want to enjoy luscious-looking lashes without the hassle of mascara and other cosmetics, make sure to follow these simple tips and tricks to maintain healthy eyelash extensions.

And when in doubt, always consult with lash extension Knoxville, TN, specialists for expert treatment and advice. Take charge of your beauty today and invest in long-lasting lash extensions and enjoy the look you deserve!