Motorcycle enthusiasts nationwide have been hyped ever since it became the news that Hyderabad will host our country’s first drag race event. A new drag strip is set to be constructed, featuring two lanes and extending over a length of one kilometre. A dedicated span of 400 metres will be designated as the primary drag strip for high-speed racing events within this expanse.


When you take on such races, where every second counts and every detail matters, the Hero Xtreme 160R 4V emerges as a top contender, boasting a perfect blend of power, precision, and performance. 


To understand this bike better, we will closely examine its impressive specs designed to win you in every drag race.


The Heart of the Beast: All-New 4V Engine


An all-new 163.2cc, oil-cooled 4-valve engine that propels this bike to the fastest acceleration and achieves the fastest top speed in its class. The 4V engine signifies a technological leap forward, providing a balance between power and efficiency crucial for drag racing success.


When you invest in the affordable Hero Xtreme 160R 4V price, you benefit from a potent combination of power and precision:


  • Power Surge: The bike boasts an impressive power output of 16.9 Ps at 8500 RPM. The result is an immediate response to the rider’s throttle input, a crucial advantage for achieving optimal acceleration in the intense world of drag racing.
  • Torque Confidence: Equally crucial in drag racing, the Xtreme 160R 4V doesn’t overlook torque. The engine delivers a robust torque of 14.6 Nm at 6500 RPM. The torque delivery is finely tuned to meet the demands of drag racing, offering a responsive and powerful experience on the track.


A Speed Demon on Two Wheels

Speed is the game’s name in the quest for drag racing supremacy, and the Hero Xtreme 160R 4V proudly claims the title of the fastest 160cc motorcycle. This remarkable feat is proof of the meticulous engineering and design that went into crafting a bike capable of pushing the boundaries of speed in its class.


The bike’s economical Xtreme 160R 4V price comes with an aerodynamic design that is crucial in achieving its top-speed prowess. Every curve and contour are meticulously sculpted to minimise air resistance, allowing the Xtreme 160R 4V to slice through the air with minimal drag. This aerodynamic efficiency enhances the bike’s top speed and contributes to its stability, a crucial factor when hurtling down the drag strip at breakneck speeds.


Gripping the Tarmac: Tyre Technology


In drag racing, where the battle for traction is as intense as the competition, having the right tyres can make or break a race. The Hero Xtreme 160R 4V doesn’t disappoint in this department, featuring a carefully chosen tyre setup that maximises grip and stability.


The front tyre, sized at 100/80-17 (TL), balances agility and stability. The rear tyre, a substantial 130/70 R-17 (TL), is crucial in delivering the power to the tarmac. 


The Tubeless (TL) technology incorporated into both tyres reduces the overall weight of this latest new bike. It minimises the risk of sudden deflation, a critical safety feature during high-speed drag racing.


Hero Xtreme 160R 4V: Dominance Redefined


In the world of drag racing, where victory is measured in fractions of a second, the Hero Xtreme 160R 4V stands as proof of what happens when cutting-edge technology meets a passion for performance. From its all-new 4V engine to its title of the fastest 160cc motorcycle, every aspect of the Xtreme 160R 4V is meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled drag racing experience.


For enthusiasts seeking a motorcycle that not only meets but exceeds the demands of the drag strip, investing in the reasonable Hero Xtreme 160 4V price emerges as a clear choice. With power, speed, and a design that turns heads, it’s a statement of dominance on the drag racing circuit. Strap in, rev up, and experience the thrill of victory with the Hero Xtreme 160R 4V.