The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the festive event in COD MW3, Santa’s Slayground. This limited-time event brings various challenges and rewards for players across all game modes, including multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone.

Santa’s Slayground Rewards

The Santa’s Slayground challenge offers a variety of rewards, each tied to a specific challenge. These rewards range from weapon stickers and charms to XP tokens and unique finishing moves. The ultimate reward for completing eight challenges across any game mode is the “Ugliest Sweater” weapon blueprint, a special ugly sweater-themed blueprint for the DG-58 LSW LMG.

Here are some of the rewards you can earn:

  • “Underbaker” weapon sticker
  • Double weapon XP token
  • One battle pass tier skip
  • “Mistle Toe” weapon charm
  • “Deadly Knit” calling card
  • “Lil’ Krampus” emblem
  • “Santa’s Right Hand” finishing move
  • “Ugliest Sweater” weapon blueprint (ultimate reward)

Challenges to Earn Rewards

Santa's Slayground Holiday Event

The challenges to earn these rewards vary depending on the game mode. For instance, in the multiplayer mode, challenges include getting a certain number of operator kills with specific weapons or while performing particular actions. In the Zombies mode, challenges might involve getting a certain number of kills with specific weapons or completing a certain number of contracts. In Warzone, challenges might involve getting a certain number of operator kills with specific weapons or placing in the top 5 a certain number of times.

Tips and Tricks

To maximize your rewards, focusing on the challenges that align with your preferred playstyle and game mode is recommended. Remember, you can complete challenges across any game mode to unlock the ultimate reward. Also, remember that the event is time-limited, so complete your challenges before the event ends.


Santa’s Slayground in COD MW3 offers a fun and festive way to earn unique rewards while enjoying your favorite game modes. Whether you’re a multiplayer, Zombie, or Warzone fan, there’s something for everyone in this holiday event. So gear up, jump in, and start earning those rewards today!

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