Since roofs depend on structural support and are exposed to moisture and the elements, they deteriorate over time. A property’s roof will eventually collapse if it is not maintained and cared for.

Roofs do not collapse overnight. It takes multiple structural issues to cause a roof to collapse. Long before there is a collapse, there will be warning signs that indicate that a roof needs to be repaired. As part of this post, LA Roof Crafters discusses the signs to look for before your roof collapses.

Visual Warning Signs of a Potential Roof Collapse

It is often very easy to see sagging ceilings and structural support when inspecting your roof. It is important that you inspect your roof from the outside and that all the shingles are in good shape.

Make sure the shingles don’t have any bacterial or mold growth and check to make sure water does not accumulate in gutters or on the roof material. In the aftermath of windy or electrical storms, make sure to thoroughly inspect your roof for damage caused by wind or lightning.

You should have straight lines across your ceiling. Keeping a level on the ceiling at key points once a month is a good idea. If the level bubble is not in the middle, the roof is sagging.

In addition to smoke alarms and sprinklers that protrude towards the flooring, a roof that is no longer structurally sound may also have a malfunctioning roof structure. The attic may have damage, so make sure to check it out.

The appearance of cracks in the walls from inside and the outside, leaks, and bent door frames can also indicate a problematic roof. If a door frame is warped, the roof is no longer supported by the supporting structure, and the roof now depends upon non-supporting structures to remain standing.

Audible Warning Signs

When your house’s supporting structure is under strain, you will hear a sound like someone sitting in an old wooden chair, which suggests the roof is going to collapse.

You may be dealing with a collapsing roof in due course when you hear creeks and cracks, especially when one or more visual warning signs accompany them. Are there any steps you should take?

Call a Local Professional for an Inspection

It is important to contact a professional roofing company Baton Rouge LA as soon as you notice any of these warning signs so that they can diagnose the issue and recommend the best course of action.

In addition to roof inspections and repairs, LA Roof Crafters also installs new roofs. If you’re having a problem with your home, we’re happy to come to your home and locate it for you, providing you with an affordable repair solution.

Furthermore, we will be able to perform routine maintenance services to ensure that your roof does not deteriorate completely over time. To get the help, you need, you should immediately get a collapsed roof.

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