There are many who seek to move out to other countries. These days, many countries have been accepting people and providing them with citizenship programs. But then not every person is eligible for the programs. Hence, you need to know your eligibility and under which program you can apply for citizenship in a country of your choice.

About CBI (Citizenship By Investment)  

Citizenship by Investment Programs is considered to be a process that grants individuals and families alike second citizenship legally. To avail of benefits from this program, you are to make some financial contributions towards the economy of the host country. It is a bit complex process and would require you to know the details. Hiring the services of a qualified consultant can help you ease the process. 

Citizenship Vs. Passport

Often, the terms ‘Passport’ and ‘Citizenship’ are found to be interchanged incorrectly. Hence, it becomes crucial to understand the difference that exists between them. A passport is rather a travel document permitting travel between states. On the other hand, Citizenship is the relationship that exists between the individual and a state. It provides the person with legal responsibilities and rights offered by that state.


There are some misconceptions concerning the term Passport and CBI programs. The latter is often reduced to idioms such as ‘passport for sale’ or ‘purchase passport scheme’ which is completely inaccurate. It is even confused with the ‘golden visa’. It actually stands for ‘Residency through Investment Program’. Thus, it is considered to be a different concept altogether.

Why Apply For CBI Programs

There are several reasons for people to approach the top Citizenship Consultants to seek benefits from this program. Second citizenship is sure to help individuals and families alike to avoid unfair legal persecution in some states. It also allows them to escape from war-like regions. It also provides people with an opportunity to seek political asylum or security from the prevailing unstable environment. 

Why Take The Help Of Consultants?

The registered consultants are likely to have gained immense expertise in the field that comes with experience. They are sure to have worked with different types of clients from diverse backgrounds. They have come across situations where the speed and success of applications meant a lot for physical survival. Their legal background has helped many to derive happy endings.

What Caveats To Know About?

Two caveats are to be understood. Under extraordinary circumstances, the economic citizen’s right to vote might get revoked. Such provisions are in place to ensure that there is no abuse resulting from CBI programs. These issues might occur if program quality is low or for poorly managed or undermined due diligence checks. Even the external partnerships of the country could be strained for some valid reason.

Where Is CBI An Option?

It is in the Caribbean that this particular concept was initially launched. The scheme was offered in 1984 by Nevis and St. Kitts. Today, a handful of countries across the globe are found to offer this program to deserving applicants. The qualified consultant can guide you to know your eligible destinations while ensuring peace of mind and success.

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