The most common location for plumbing issues such clogged drains is the bathroom, but they can occur everywhere. It’s not hard to tell when a drain is clogged. The presence of a stench or water overflowing the drain is an indication of a clog. You can’t just ignore a clogged drain. While speed is of the essence, there are a few common blunders that can be made when attempting to clean a clogged drain.

A Chemical Meltdown

The first thing that may come to mind when you have a clogged drain is to go out and get some chemicals to dissolve the obstruction. Several drain cleaning agents on the market make bold claims but fail to deliver. They frequently fall short of their claims, though. These could make matters worse and add insult to injury, depending on the nature of your obstruction. Hiring the right Plumber Strathfield can save you from your worst nightmares.

Chemical drain cleaners are not likely to be successful if solids are blocking the drain. If the chemical is strong enough to break down the clog but fails, you’ll still have the clog and the chemical sitting in the drain. Toxic chemicals used for drain cleaning may cause more damage than good.

Improper Dive

When you need to clear a clog in a drain, a plunger is likely one of the first items you’ll grab for. It’s important to choose the right plunger because they’re all designed for specific plumbing systems. Using the incorrect plunger could result in the work not being completed.

The bell-shaped bottom of the sink plungers is a design element. Conversely, toilet plungers will have a flat base. But you still need to make sure you’re using the plunger properly, even if you have the right one.

Put it over the drain and make sure it’s completely covered. Use a slow, even, up-and-down pressure to move the plunger. If you try to clear a clogged drain too quickly, you can send some of the debris further down the pipe than it should go. If you must dive, do it slowly. While it’s reasonable that you’d like to get the drain unclogged as soon as possible, plunging too hastily can actually make the situation worse.

Inserting Objects down Drain

If chemicals and a plunger don’t work, you might try being inventive. However, this is not recommended if you are attempting to unclog a drain. Poking at the blockage is never a good idea, and yet many people try to remove it by, say, straightening out a hanger and shoving it down the drain.

Neither should you attempt to stick anything down the toilet. It could break, causing even more issues for you. When a plunger fails to clear a clogged drain, trying to push the clog deeper down the drain by sticking something down it can sometimes work. To add insult to injury, forcing unwanted items down the drain can cause holes and dents in the pipe and lead to an expensive plumbing repair. There’s no use in continuing if you’ve already exhausted every possible method of unclogging the drain in your bathroom and none of them have worked. Get a Blocked Drain Campbelltown plumber, stat!


Not that you shouldn’t give drain cleaning a shot on your own. The moment you notice that you’re making no progress, though, it’s time to call a plumber for assistance. There’s nothing worse than a clogged drain.