When you are excited about your trip, there is always the possibility that you will have to cancel it. The Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy is easy to understand and saves you time & money. However, if the cancellation process is also confusing, it may make you even more frustrated.

In case of a flight cancellation, you must take advantage of the Alaska 24-Hour Cancellation Policy. This article provides instructions and key information for using Alaska 24-hour cancellation policy.

How Alaska Airlines cancels flights

    • When cancelling or changing your Alaska Airlines flight, here are the main things to keep in mind.
    • Tickets purchased over 24 hours prior to departure may be refunded in full within 24 hours of purchase for tickets purchased less than 24 hours prior to departure.
    • Ticket prices for main cabin and first class fares purchased more than 24 hours before departure can be changed with no change fee within 24 hours of booking (you will be responsible for any increases in fare price and taxes). While you cannot change saver fares at least 24 hours before departure, you can cancel and rebook them within 24 hours of booking.
    • A refundable ticket can be refunded to your original form of payment online or by calling customer service.
    • Except for Saver fares, you can cancel or change your reservation up until departure. If you booked a nonrefundable ticket, you’ll receive a credit.
    • Saver fares that are cancelled at least 14 days before departure will receive a 50% credit (plus taxes and fees).
    • In the check-in window, you have the option to make a same-day confirmed change for a fee ranging from $25 to $50. However, if you have MVP Gold or MVP Gold 75k status with the airline, the change fee is waived.
    • As long as you notify the airline (either online or through a customer service representative) before departure, your Mileage Plan miles will be credited back to your account.
    • Alaska Airlines may change these rules at any time. You should check the Alaska Airlines website before booking a flight that you may want to change or cancel.

Rules & Regulations for Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy 

Alaska’s 24 Hour Cancellation Policy must be followed if you want your ticket cancelled correctly. When cancelling an airline ticket, a passenger must consider the following rules and regulations:

    • Tickets purchased more than 24 hours in advance can be cancelled within 24 hours of reservation for a full refund.
    • Ticket prices for the main cabin and first class can be changed within 24 hours of booking without incurring any change fees if tickets are booked more than 24 hours before departure.
    • Passengers who purchase saver fares at least 24 hours before departure cannot change them, but they may cancel and rebook them within that timeframe.
    • If an Alaska airline cancels a flight within 24 hours, a refund will be provided in the original payment method. If the ticket is non-refundable, the refund will be credited to the passenger’s future wallet with Alaska Airlines.
    • The cancellation or change of a ticket is permitted up to the time of departure, except for those on saver fares.
    • During the check-in window, Alaska Airlines charges a cancellation fee of $25 to $50. If you have MVP Gold status with the airline, the fee is waived.
    • Mileage Plan miles can be refunded if you notify the airline before departure that you are cancelling or changing your flight.

Alaska Flight Cancellation Rules For Different Fares 

Alaska Air cancellation rules and restrictions depend on the fare you purchased while booking. However, passengers will have 24 hours from their original booking to cancel their flight without penalty, regardless of the fare selected. Understanding the Alaska 24 hour cancellation rules and potential circumstances for refundable or non-refundable flight cancellations is essential to understanding where they differ.

Refundable fare cancellation with Alaska Airlines

The best way to travel with added flexibility is to purchase flight tickets with refundable fares. You may receive a refund on your credit or debit card or other payment method if you cancel an Alaska flight with a refundable fare. You are able to cancel your current reservation without penalty even after a risk-free 24-hour cancellation period with refundable tickets.

 A non-refundable fare cancellation policy for Alaska Airlines 

In general, non-refundable fares are less expensive than refundable fares, but come with a number of restrictions. Flight cancellation fees will apply for passengers who have non-refundable tickets after the 24 hours risk-free cancellation period has expired. According to Alaska Airlines cancellation rules, cancellation fees may vary depending on the time of cancellation.

Cancellation Process via Alaska Airlines’ Official Website

Alaska Airlines cancelation policy allows you to do so online as well. You just need your booking details ready and the process shouldn’t take more than a minute.

    1. Firstly, you need to visit Alaska Airlines’ official website, AlaskaAir.com.
    2. Select Travel Management from the drop-down menu.
    3. Next, write your name and your 6-letter confirmation code or 10-digit e-ticket number.
    4. Choose “Continue” from the list of buttons.
    5. To complete the process, find and carefully choose the flight for which you wish to cancel your ticket and choose Alaska Cancel Flight.
    6. Here are the options you can choose from:
    7. When you cancel a flight, you can send the credit to your wallet for a credit deposit, which can be found in your My Account profile.
    8. If you wish to receive a valid credit certificate by email, you can also request a travel credit be sent to your email account.
    9. In accordance with Alaska Airlines’ cancellation policy, if you choose to receive a credit certificate via email, it is only valid for a year from the date you received it, or for 30 days from the date of exchange cancellation, whichever comes first.
    10. The mobile app does not allow you to access your credit certificates.
    11. It is important to keep your PIN and Certificate Code in case you need to book a new flight.

Mobile App for Alaska Airlines Flight Cancellations

As per Alaska Airlines cancellation policy, you can also use the exclusive mobile app to manage bookings and cancel flights. Therefore, you need to follow these steps:

    • The first step is to download Alaska Airlines’ app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
    • To launch the app, tap its icon.
    • Enter the following booking details after clicking Manage:
    • Please provide the passenger’s last name as well as the confirmation code.
    • To proceed, click Continue.
    • Click on the pre-flight you wish to cancel once you have located it.
    • Make sure you check the refund amount and cancellation fee on the check-out page.

Flight cancellation with phone number from Alaska Airlines

In the case of Alaska Airlines cancellations, we often do it over the phone. It is still one of the most popular methods. All you have to do is:

    • You can reach Alaska Airlines customer service.
    • Once you have connected to the airline representative, follow the on-call instructions.
    • Then, request a cancellation and provide your booking information.
    • Finally, make sure you know how much your refund will be and how much your cancellation fee will be.

Cancellation of Alaska Airlines at the airport

Occasionally, Alaska Airlines cancels flights at the airport. When a passenger is in a hurry and does not have any other options, he can just direct his request to the ticketing counter.

Refund Policy for Alaska Airlines

    • No matter what type of ticket one has purchased, if one cancels a ticket within 24 hours of booking, Alaska Airlines will refund the entire amount paid.
    • The purchase of a refundable ticket can also be refunded in full.
    • In contrast, customers who book a reservation with any other type of ticket, such as nonrefundable or award, will be charged a cancellation fee of $125. This applies only to cancellations after 24 hours.
    • A refund will be made after deducting the cancellation fee, with the remaining amount being in credit form, which you can use for future flights.

How to check if you’re eligible for a refund or credit if you purchased an Alaska Airlines ticket?

If you wish to get a refund after cancelling your Alaska Airlines ticket, there are a few things you should know.

    • A refund is only available if you purchased your ticket directly from Alaska Airlines via their official website, at their ticket counter, or by calling their reservations number directly.
    • A saver ticket has a slimmer chance of getting a refund as you will only be able to do so if you cancel it within the grace period. After the grace period has passed, you might as well forget about your saver ticket.
    • Alaska Airlines allows you to use your ticket for up to one year after it is issued.
    • A ticket is eligible only if it does not form part of a package.
    • Refunds are not available if you booked your ticket through a middleman.
    • You must purchase the ticket in US dollars.
    • All the above criteria must be met in order to be eligible for a refund from Alaska Airlines.
    • Tickets that are refundable will be refunded in full

What to do if you want a refund from Alaska Airlines

A refund on Alaska Airlines cancellations is possible if you meet the following criteria:

    • In the following situations, you can request a refund for a cash flight booking:
    1. A ticket was cancelled while it was risk-free.
    2. If your ticket is refundable.
    • When you book a flight with Mileage Plan miles, you can get a refund if you cancel before flight departure.
    • Online and offline cancellations are both possible.
    • The ticket must, however, be purchased directly from Alaska Airlines.
    • The risk-free period is the only time when saver fares can be refunded.
    • Fares paid by the government are not refundable.
    • You must have purchased the ticket within one year of the original date of purchase.
    • Refunds will not be given for partially used tickets.
    • A refund is not available for group bookings or vacation bookings.
    • US dollars must have been used for the purchase of the ticket.

Method online:

    • To begin, open the Alaska Airlines website and log in.
    • The second step is to navigate to the “Manage Booking” page.
    • The third step is to select the flight that you wish to cancel.
    • The fourth step is to find and click on the refund option.
    • Fifth, follow all the on-screen instructions and complete the process.
    • In the sixth step, wait until you receive confirmation from the airline on your registered phone number or address.

Methods offline:

When Alaska Airlines cancels a flight, you can request a refund. In case you are unable to proceed with online methods, you can contact Alaska Airlines directly for support. Whenever you visit Alaska’s website, you will see a customer service number that connects you to the airlines’ representatives. Here are the steps to follow in order to better understand the offline process:

Firstly, go to Alaska Airlines’ “Contact Us” page and search for the helpline number.

The second step is to contact customer support at the given number.

As a third step, contact the executive.

As per the terms of your flight cancellation, ask for a refund.

To raise a refund request, wait until the representative confirms it.

The Alaska Airlines cancellation fee is: what is it?

Each type of Alaska Airlines ticket has a different cancellation fee.

    • Main and First Class: Tickets for Main and First Class do not have cancellation fees.
    • Saver Fares:
    • Alaska Airlines offers a 24-hour cancellation policy for saver fares. When cancelled 14 days in advance of the departure of the first flight on a Saver fares ticket purchased on or after July 19, 2023, 50% of the ticket value can be credited.
    • Basic Economy: Cancellation of Basic Economy fares is not possible.

It is possible to cancel your flight online, by phone, or at the airport if you need to. If you cancel your flight online, you will receive a travel credit for the full value of your ticket. If you cancel your flight over the phone or at the airport, a $25 cancellation fee will apply.