Popcorn isn’t just any delicacy; it’s a snack that has been around forever. A whiff of its buttery goodness has the ability to stop us in our tracks.

It’s the perfect treat for movie nights, self-care days, healthy diets, and numerous events.

Whether you want to curl up on a wintery night and watch your favorite flick or need to throw an easy snack on the menu of a birthday party you’re hosting; popcorn has your back.

Then, there’s gourmet popcorn, a major player in the game that has changed the world of classic popcorn forever. But what’s so special about it?

Let’s find out.

Gourmet Popcorn is a Premium Delicacy

As the name suggests, gourmet popcorn is, well, gourmet. It’s a step up from the ordinary. Companies like Just Get Poppin’ create their flavored popcorn with high-quality, exotic ingredients to tantalize our palate.

So, in essence, gourmet popcorn uses the most expensive, premium ingredients and is prepared by experts who combine complementing flavors together. The result? A unique blend of tastes that are infinitely yummier than the classic popcorn.

Fancy popcorn flavor with colorful kernels

Gourmet Popcorn is Exceptionally Flavorsome

Gourmet popcorn is extraordinary. It’s art! Companies like Just Get Poppin’ are all about reimagining how we see popcorn, and for that, they experiment with unique flavors.

It’s due to these creative popcorn businesses that we now have the choice of choosing popcorn that’s not just plain salted, buttered, caramel flavored, and cheesy.

These innovators are constantly pushing the flavor limits to come up with the next mouthwatering flavor that we, the consumers, will fall in love with.

It’s this want for interesting and creative tastes that has led to some great exotic flavored popcorn.

Here are a few wild and punchy flavors Just Get Poppin’ has on its online shop that is worth a try:

buckets of cheesy, hot, garlic gourmet popcorn

White Chocolate Strawberry

Sweet, delectable, and chocolately, this unusual popcorn flavor is a treat for all. It tastes of sweet, freshly-picked strawberries and creamy premium white chocolate.

Pistachio Ice cream

The goodness of pistachio ice cream encased in the crunch of popcorn — it’s an exotic flavored popcorn without competition—forever favorite, forever dependable.

Birthday Cake

Gourmet popcorn at its best, this birthday cake delight goes perfectly as a snack to serve on birthdays and the times you’re simply craving a healthier alternative to a cake.

Roasted Garlic Bread

Bringing the flavor of warm roasted garlic bread to popcorn is not a small feat! This popcorn flavor is an absolute hit.

Funky Chunky Oreo

Oreo lovers will fall in love a little more, a little deeper, with this version of cookies ‘n cream popcorn. Funky Chunky Oreo is popcorn made with Oreo, cheesecake, and white chocolate.

Nacho Momma

This nacho-flavored gourmet popcorn is a delight to munch on. Cheesy and savory, it’s perfect for game and movie nights!

Rockin’ Rainbow

Rockin’ Rainbow is fancy. Super fancy. With its glazed, colorful kernels that come in a mix of strawberry, green apple, lemon, cherry, orange, and grape flavors, it’s a burst of different tastes that work perfectly together.

Gourmet Popcorn Creation Takes Expertise

Making gourmet popcorn is not as simple as throwing some kernels in the microwave and waiting for them to pop. It’s a long process that demands attention and expertise. How the popcorn turns out depends majorly on the kernels used, the flavors, and the popping method.

To get fluffy and crunchy popcorn, experts use the air-popping method and high-quality non-GMO kernels. As soon as the kernels have popped, the flavors are added. This step ensures that the flavors and toppings bind to the popcorn kernels.

Gourmet Popcorn Is a Healthier Alternative

Nutritional value of the popcorn matters. The microwavable popcorn you buy is usually full of preservatives and low-quality ingredients. This results in popcorn that’s loaded with salt and sugar.

Gourmet popcorn is a bit different. Experts use natural flavor derivatives which makes them healthier. Plus, the fancy popcorn flavors at Just Get Poppin are made using non-GMO kernels, so it’s rich in fiber and low in fat content as well.

Shop Gourmet Popcorn from Just Get Poppin

Craving something light and flavorsome? Head over to Just Get Poppin’ and browse through their delectable range of wild and fancy popcorn flavors.

Their cheesy, sweet, and savory delicacies are best for moving nights, bridal showers, game nights, fundraisers, and snacking alone.

From their White Strawberry Chocolate, Zebra Crunch, Rockin’ Rainbow, and Fall Festival to Jalapeno Popper, Nacho Momma, Roasted Garlic Bread, and Poppin’ Hot, there’s much to try and explore.

Appease your tastebuds today with popcorn that tastes wildly delicious.

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