The all-new i20 features a dynamic exterior and sumptuous interior that are inspired by Hyundai’s design DNA. Its gorgeous presence casts a spell that is irresistible, and its integrated features make you feel more comfortable and convenient. The Hyundai i20 is definitely a cut above the others. Use the air purifier to breathe clean air as you travel. The environment is kept clean in the cabin. Before buying the exciting Hyundai i20, take a test drive at PPS Hyundai Showroom in Kochi and get a feel for the features.

Intelligent sunroof that is electrically controlled and may be opened with a single touch. Once inside, the opulently furnished, athletic black interiors with colorful accents will fascinate you. Every time you drive it, savor the opulent environment. Ambient lights and quality leather upholstery stimulate your senses to a new degree.

Choose from the new i20’s 3 potent engine options— diesel, petrol, or turbo petrol—as well as its 4 transmission options (DCT, IVT, MT, and iMT—for improved fuel economy, improved maneuvrability, and blistering performance). The aerodynamic elements of the new i20 contribute to greater fuel economy and driving stability. Futuristic technology provides comfort, control, and elegance in addition to exceptional and cutting-edge convenience. As a result, your trips will be enjoyable and convenient.

Is i20 a good choice?

Yes. In every way, Hyundai is the greatest option, particularly with its performance and engine power. In the new i20, a 1.5-liter U2 diesel engine from Hyundai replaces the outmoded 1.4-liter unit and produces 99 horsepower at 4,000 rpm. This results in an increase of 10 bhp in power and a 20 Nm increase in usable torque to 240 Nm at 1,500 rpm. There is now only a six-speed manual transmission option, but an automatic diesel version is planned for the future.

The new i20 diesel moves forward with confidence and ease. Additionally, the mid-range facilitates effortless driving at highway speeds. Without putting the motor under strain, triple-digit speeds can be maintained. In addition, the quicker response of the mid-range throttle response facilitates overtaking at highway speeds.

Because the power does start to decline at about 4,000 rpm, it is not practicable to rev the engine all the way to the 5,000 rpm redline. The gearstick has smooth gates and quick, light throws. Hyundai claims that the new i20 has an ARAI-claim of 25.2 km/l, making it a very fuel-efficient vehicle.

Driving Experience

The Hyundai i20 has a smooth ride and responsive handling that only gets better with increased speed. The handling of road irregularities is more controlled. Furthermore, even the biggest potholes and gravel roads may be readily navigated thanks to the 170 mm of ground clearance. When turning two and a half degrees lock to lock, the steering is easy to operate and feels light.

It balances nicely and is quite coherent on the highway, which makes it more interesting. The diesel i20’s brakes, on the other hand, are dependable and do a wonderful job of stopping the hatchback, giving the driver more confidence. The new i20 aspires to achieve a balance between an interesting family hatchback and a cozy family car overall. Which, in our opinion, it very much successfully accomplishes.

What are the different models of Hyundai i20?

There are 19 different versions of the i20 available at PPS Hyundai Dealer Kochi Showrooms. Here’s the list of variants- Sportz Turbo DCT, Asta Opt IVT, Asta Opt IVT DT, Sportz DT, Asta Turbo iMT, Asta Opt Diesel DT, Asta Opt Turbo DCT DT, Magna, Sportz, Magna Diesel, Asta, Sportz Turbo iMT, Sportz IVT, Sportz Diesel, Asta Opt, Asta Turbo iMT, Asta Opt Diesel, and Asta Opt Turbo DCT.

Which car is best i20?

Choose the Hyundai i20 Sportz model as Hyundai i20 top model if you want a reasonably priced version with a good feature list. On the other hand, you might choose the top-spec Hyundai i20 Asta model if you want your luxury hatchback to have all the bells and whistles. Furthermore, before making a selection, Hyundai Car Showrooms in Kochi advises you to have a test drive.


Wide-opening doors on the new i20 and a relaxed seat height make getting in and out straightforward. Once inside, you’ll notice a completely revamped cabin layout. The ornate-looking first-in-segment digital instrument cluster welcomes you. Having a nice grip is another aspect of the Creta-style steering wheel. The massive 10-inch floating touchscreen, similar to those found in more expensive vehicles and integrated with the driver’s display panel, heightens the sense of luxury.

Now, the air conditioning controls are located below, and a vertical “Coolpad” for wireless charging is built into the centre console. Even if your phone doesn’t enable wireless charging, inserting it vertically is still much more convenient. Up front, there is more than enough space, and visibility is excellent everywhere. Both the headroom and shoulder room are enough.

There is enough space for knee and legroom, and the scooped-out top helps with extra headroom in the back seats. It is comfortable to sit three abreast in the back seat, despite the rear AC vent. Even the seats offer precisely the right amount of support, especially the side bolstering, and the driver’s seat height may be adjusted. With reach-and-rake adjustable steering, it is simple to find the optimal driving position.

What i20 model has sunroof?

The sunroof in the Hyundai i20 is available exclusively with the Asta (O) variant. This is the best i20 model to buy 2022. The i20 price ranges between Rs. 6.79 Lakhs* to 11.32 Lakhs*. However, the other variants don’t comprise a sunroof due to budget constraints.


Overall, this article helps with a handful of points about the Hyundai i20 and makes an i20 variants comparison alongside an enormous range of features. If you’re interested in learning more and exploring Hyundai i20 variants closely, schedule a test drive at your nearest PPS Hyundai Dealer in Kochi. Also, you can enquire about the pricing details including the Hyundai i20 Sportz Price as you visit the PPS Kochi Showrooms. They are well-known for their customer centricity and are authorized dealers for all Hyundai Passenger Vehicles.