Most people love sweets, a fact that has been consistent throughout human history. This has led to the research and development of sweet dishes for years and some examples of the variations include a banana cake and banoffee pie.


What is banana cake?


banana cake or called banana bread is created by combining banana with dry bread. This cake has a soft, light, and moist texture and has a similar taste to a rich butter cake. The origins of this dish are unknown, but it is speculated to have been created through the experimentations of housewives in the 1700s. Some variations of banana cake are also drier, and dense, and are shaped like a loaf of bread which gives the cake another name called banana bread.


The banana bread does not involve much sugar and fat and of which this dish is highly popular as a light snack.


What is a banoffee pie?


The banoffee pie is a delicious British sweet dish made with slices of banana, whipped cream, buttery graham cracker, and dulce de leche, a thick, creamy, and milky caramel-like ingredient. This dish is a variation of pie that combines a classic British flavour with a well-known fruit and the name itself combines the words banana and toffee. The dish was first invented in England by Nigel Mackenzie and Ian Dowding at a restaurant in East Sussex called The Hungry Monk.


What makes banoffee pie better than banana cake?


  • Banoffee pie is more delicious than banana bread as it has a stronger and richer flavour than a banana cake which usually depends on external dishes and sauces like ice cream and chocolate fudge.
  • Banana bread is a snack that tastes like a rich butter cake because of which it has a softer and milder flavour. Compared to that, banoffee pie works like a proper dessert and a brilliant snack with an explosive flavour that makes it truly worthy of a sweet dish.
  • Banana cakes have a longer shelf life and can be eaten based on personal preference. This creation style makes the taste and flavour stand out. Banoffee pie, however, was created to be eaten when it is fresh which enhances the flavour of its ingredients and is generally served hot and as a savoury dish right after a meal.
  • Banana cakes were created as pre-cooked dishes that can be enjoyed along with tea or coffee and would only be limited to being a common sugary snack. Banoffee pie, however, was meant to be a dessert and works well along with tea and coffee too.