For both professionals and students, pens are their constant companions. You simply cannot imagine working a single day without a pen. As a result, it’s important for you to select the proper pen for everyday use. Many students want to use the best pen possible so that their pen will grip and flow correctly during the exam. You should check out the top pen brands in India if you’re looking for the best brand for your exam and want to achieve neat and clean handwriting. These are India’s most prestigious and premium pen brands. 

Luxor Pens

One of India’s finest pen brands is Luxor, which currently exports to 120 different countries. Additionally, this business sells other stationery items on the market as well. These pens are loved around the world for their longevity, affordable prices, and huge variety of products. Whether you want a ballpoint pen or a high-quality gel pen that will not smudge your exam paper, you can count on Luxor. The best part is that Luxor pens keep up with the latest trends for all kinds of writing instruments, with waterproof ink technology leading the way for thousands of students at the most budget-friendly prices. 

For students, the utility of the pen is king. They need to write quickly and neatly without hurting the calluses on their fingers. Every student has a physical reminder of the days and nights spent preparing for boards on their hands. While those marks on their fingers might fade away with time, they can be prevented entirely with the use of comfortable pens that offer a solid grip without compromising on the flow and neatness of the writer. Without a doubt, Luxor pens are the best for writing fast and cursive writing. They are also useful for outlining drawings. Choose Luxor pens if you’re looking for the best drawing pen manufacturers on the market. The quality is excellent, and writing is a breeze. 

Parker Pens

Parker ballpoint pens are another good option. Parker pens are fine writing instruments with an exquisitely crafted history of innovation and belief in the importance of the written word. Discover the Parker pen that best suits your personality and writing style, with collections inspired by historical and contemporary events.

Parker pens are easily available around India and Nepal because it is a licensee partner of Luxor. You can find one of the best Parker pens that match your writing style and personality right here at the website of Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt Ltd. Parker pens have a Quink Flow ballpoint refill installed with a Black matte finish Gold-plated clip attached to the body and with a classy shape and a lovely gold-finished clip.

Ballpoint pens are the pinnacle of dependability and functionality and can be used for a lifetime. There is a reason for their popularity, as we use them for everyday writing. Get access to a wide range of ballpoint pens with the thinnest nibs of about 1.00mm that make your handwriting even better.

Waterman Fountain Pens

Want to purchase a Waterman fountain pen? If you said “yes,” don’t wait any longer. Just like Parker pens, Waterman is a licensee partner of Luxor, which means that you can get their products across India and Nepal very easily. Shop at the Luxor website for the finest fountain pens from a top pen brand.

The writing instrument industry has been completely transformed by Waterman pens over the years thanks to their unique style, elegant design, and superb craftsmanship. In 2003, Waterman was a writing instrument brand that stood out among all others as a sign of wealth and status.

Over ten years ago, Waterman entered the Indian market after it became a licensee partner of Luxor. 

One of the best products from Waterman is their fountain pens, which do wonders while writing. Many students and professionals alike attest to the fact that Waterman fountain pens are one of the top pens for best handwriting.

Cursive handwriting, also known as running hand, longhand, or script, is a beautiful penmanship style distinguished by joined letters written in a fluid hand motion. If you want to write in cursive, use fountain pens, which are under your control and do not require you to apply pressure while writing. It writes the way you want it to, not the way the pen wants it to. Simply try fountain pens by Waterman once and you will be hooked.

Cursive writing is both visually appealing and functional. It makes writing faster and more efficient by reducing the number of lifts and separations between letters and words. It takes some practice to master because it is more of an artistic handwriting style.

Cursive handwriting and a fountain pen are, as you might expect, a perfect match. This iconic writing instrument (a modern-day quill) is a must-have for any penmanship enthusiast, especially if you want to write or improve your cursive.

Writing in cursive with a proper tool is a much more enjoyable experience than the usually simple act — it’s a great way to slow down and reconnect with yourself and your thoughts, as well as sign documents with class.

So grab your Waterman fountain pens now! And enjoy writing like never before. Grab your favorite pens from Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt Ltd now and enjoy the incredible technology that allows you to write clearly and fearlessly!