Lace front wigs, are more widely used in summer as they are natural and breathable for all. How can your style a lace front wig? Which hairstyle is more suited with a lace front wig? In this post, I will discuss them.

Lace front wigs are famous for their natural hairline, which is like your natural scalp. So they can fit in all hairstyles without worrying about the unnatural look from the edge.

First, add the curls by heating tools

Add the curls to the human hair, such as making body waves, or water waves, or apply the blow dry to create the layer. Also, you can select curly hair if you have a curly edge wig. The essential of glamorous is fluffy hair, and curly can make it.

Second, add the texture depending on the braid

If you don’t plan to heat wigs, through braid can also create fluffy hair. For instance, braid your wig in the pull-through braid, french braid, or half-crown braid to modify your facial shape and enhance your look.

Third, add the colors through coloring

If your lace front wigs are human hair made, add the colors to your lace front wigs. It is a normal process for girls to color human hair wigs, and add charm to their overall styles. Select the color your desired, and dye the human hair in a wipe or completely.

Fourth, add the unique

Different lace front wig style require to depend on your facial features and overall styles to dress up. For example, if you are sweaty style, some tricks can be added to your hairstyle. And some work out styles can add a headband.

Depend on your preference and appearance to determine the styling methods for lace front wigs. They can fit all hairstyles with their natural hairline, so try different hairstyles boldly.