Natives born between October 23 and November 21 are called Scorpios as per the Sun sign. Astrology provides great insight into a potential Scorpio soulmate based on the element, personality, and other essential criteria. It is important to remember that soulmate matches depend on more than Sun sign compatibility.

Scorpios are intense, intimidating, and passionate. So, a Scorpio soulmate should be a person who can love their personality. Scorpios need someone who can be patient and handle their dark side. Behind their mysterious traits, one can see a caring and emotional person in them.

Let us dive into the Scorpio soulmates list.


Scorpio and Virgo’s bond is a strong soulmate relationship built on honesty and mutual respect. Both bring out the best in each other. Virgo constructs the partnership, while Scorpio adds power and strength to it. Virgo can provide a calming influence to Scorpio, and Scorpio, in turn, can provide more adventures to their partner.
Scorpio and Virgo’s pair is excellent for business, friendship, and physical relationships. Both are diligent, observant, and self-controlled. They cherish privacy and enjoy spending private time with their loved ones.
They share a well-balanced physical relationship. At times, earthy Virgo and watery Scorpio may have vulnerability issues expressing emotions. Scorpios can be unkind, secretive, and jealous, while Virgo can be sceptical and indecisive. If left unaddressed, offended feelings could cause a rift.

Luckily, their intense trust and compassion toward one another overshadow their vulnerabilities. As long as Virgo learns to control their judgemental nature and Scorpio practices open communication, they can be together for the long run.


Both Scorpios and Cancers are water signs. They are intuitive, loyal, and empathetic-natured individuals. Both are well attuned to their own and their partner’s emotions. It will make them sensible to each other. They are affectionate and possessive. Theirs is a relationship built on a deep emotional and spiritual connection.
They are more comfortable expressing their feelings because they know the other will understand. Cancer’s caring nature helps Scorpio feel wanted and cared for. In turn, Scorpio’s fixed nature helps Cancer feel safe and sheltered.

Since Cancer is a cardinal sign, they like to start new projects, and ideas, while the fixed Scorpio can help them. Cancer’s nurturing attracts Scorpios during their moody times. Like their symbols, crab and scorpion both have a tough exterior to protect their soft insides. Cancer is shy and reserved. Scorpio is bold and does whatever they desire on physical needs.

Their emotional connection helps them work through any issues. The Scorpio soulmate relationship will last for a lifetime as long as they continue to practice emotional maturity.


A Capricorn – Scorpio pair has more in common. They take their time to open up emotionally and express their vulnerabilities. They are no strangers to hardship and support each other in overcoming odd times. This ambitious pair will invariably pursue their dreams with passion and dedication. Their mutual understanding level is exceptionally high.

The earthy Capricorns are more practical than the emotional water sign Scorpios. Scorpios sometimes are drawn to the mystical, which Capricorn might be sceptical of. They balance each other perfectly and tend to bring out the best in each other during romance. As long as Capricorns remain warm and devoted, Scorpios repay the same. Hence, Capricorn can be the right Scorpio soulmate.


A Scorpio-Pisces pair is sensitive, vulnerable, and self-centered at times. This mutable water sign captures Scorpio’s attention instantly with its caring personality. Although Scorpio is not openly affectionate and emotional, these two water signs share a deep mental, emotional, and spiritual connection. Pisceans bring gentleness, healing, and flexibility to the relationship. Scorpios provide strength and protection to it.
Scorpio admires Pisces’s amicable approach to love and relationships. Pisces appreciates how observant and attentive Scorpio is. Both are sensual and soulful in physical relationships. Yet, Scorpio is more dominant and controlling than Pisces. Being an intuitive sign, Scorpio can sense the discomforts of Pisces immediately. Undoubtedly, Pisces can be a perfect Scorpio soulmate.


Scorpio and Taurus are exactly opposite signs in the zodiac wheel. They can create a beautiful marriage of affirmation and acceptance when paired together. Both can learn from each other a lot. Scorpio and Taurus are steady in their commitments. It will allow for a very committed, long-standing relationship. At times, it can also make them very stubborn in an argument. They have an aggressive interest in physical relationships. They may have a heavy conflict but can tackle and thrive in it.

Taurus brings passion and romance, while Scorpio provides depth and introspection. Taurus approaches relationships from a practical perspective. By getting over their differences, this relationship has the potential to last.

Although the Sun sign match is incredibly valuable, we must look into the entire natal chart combination between two individuals to get the bigger picture of a potential soulmate connection.
Seeking professional astrologers’ advice in finding the best Scorpio soulmate will bring out a successful married life.