Diamonds are one of the most popular precious gemstones, the affinity for which is equivalent in both men and women of all ages and backgrounds. However, their skyrocketing prices are one of the factors responsible for their limited possession among the people. This is why you would mostly see influencers, celebrities, and those with strong financial status sporting and flaunting genuine diamond jewelry while others who couldn’t afford the real ones opt for their fake counterparts or the diamond simulants which are comparatively very low in cost. So before you look out for genuine diamond jewelry for sale on online websites or offline stores, beware of them being real or fake.


Determining the Factors Governing the Market Price of Diamond


Even a good quality 1-carat of diamond would range somewhere between $1,800 to $12,000

depending on several factors such as the diamond color, clarity, and cut along with the current rate of the gemstone in the market concerning the quality of the diamonds. The impact of the carat weight on the price of the diamond is very high since with an increase in the carat weight, the price of the diamond tends to increase exponentially.

Among other factors, the diamond cut also has a significant role to play in determining the market cost of a single-carat diamond. Considering this factor, a 1-carat round-cut natural diamond on an average is valued between $6,800 to $8,500 while an artificial lab variant costs less in comparison. Similarly, the size of the diamond also matters a lot in driving its market rate and should not be confused with the carat which is the measurement of its weight rather than its size. It means even two diamonds that are of exact shape and carat weight may have different sizes so be cautious of it while hunting for diamond jewelry.


How to Test For a Real Diamond During an Offline Purchase?


While there are a few easy tests to determine whether the diamonds being offered for sale by the offline vendor are real or not, you could also take help from a diamond expert to assist you in looking for high-quality real diamond rings for sale. Some of the fake-reality tests that are most commonly conducted are the sparkle test, black light test, heat test, fog test, dot test, and sandpaper test, etc. 


Using a magnifying glass or a loupe to look for inclusions, or using a diamond tester is also a good choice. A careful investigation into the metal setting and the mount is also helpful in this regard since the real diamonds won’t be set into metals other than expensive platinum or varieties of gold and would also have markings of gold karat or platinum on the piece of jewelry to verify their originality. The simplest test for checking whether the diamonds are fake or real can be performed with a glassful of water, if the diamond sinks in the water then it is real, otherwise not…isn’t this great??

diamonds being observed by a diamond expert

Where to Buy Genuine Diamonds Online?


“Diamond rings on sale for women” is enough to manipulate hearts and possess minds into buying or at least attract buyer’s attention but you still need to be thorough and skillful while purchasing even for half a carat of diamond. While there are countless sellers in the market dealing in diamonds claimed to be of good quality, you never know who may end up duping you with fake ones in the name of real diamonds. This is especially true when you are looking for a genuine seller on an online platform. 


While online vendors have a comparatively wide variety available to choose from, keeping trust in them is still difficult since their actual presence is always questionable. So before you go for online diamond shopping on any website, research the website resource on the internet, read customer reviews, and look for the vendor’s certification for high quality, such as a GIA certificate. Also, make sure that the diamond cut is tagged as of excellent quality as per the GIA grade quality. 


Parting Thoughts


Buying a diamond is surely one of the most amazing and thoughtful purchases in any person’s life. So before you end up spending a considerable amount of your savings on buying something which is only pleasing to appearance or preferably big in size but less on quality, you need to know how influentially the 4Cs impact the price and quality of a diamond. 

Also, while shopping for a diamond, you deserve to know whether the stone is real or not so take your sweet time, research a lot, look out for professional help, if necessary, consider a verified GIA grading report, and go through vendor’s payment, shipping, and return policy before fixing the deal. For your next diamond purchase, we recommend you pay a visit to the official web portal of GemsNY and look out for genuine diamond rings for sale.