Did you know that Croatia has over 1,000 islands waiting for those who dare to get on a boat and uncover this region’s majestic seascapes? Whether travelling solo or with a group, booking your first sailing holiday in Croatia can be a trip of a lifetime.

Aside from its robust tourism infrastructure, this diverse, crescent-shaped region is known for its breathtaking islands and beautiful waters.

This article answers why you should travel to the coastlines and islands of this Balkan Peninsula’s northwestern gem.

Reasons to Book a Sailing Trip to Croatia This Year

Travelling to Croatia for your sailing holidays in the Mediterranean or a journey through the Adriatic waters should be on your bucket list. Here are the best reasons to visit the country alone or with family and friends.

Enjoy Ideal Sailing Conditions

Whether you’re new to sailing or a seasoned sea cruiser, trust that Croatia offers ideal sailing conditions to its explorers. Those who visit during the peak sailing season between May and September are incredibly lucky. June and August summer days also promise calmer seas and clearer skies, giving travellers a clear view of seascapes and unique rocky terrains.

Charter Boats That Suit Your Sailing Style

Croatia caters to over 11 million visitors every year. Among these millions of travellers are seasoned, beginner, and hobby sailors with specific sailing styles and needs. Answering these diverse demands are different boats for hire.

From luxury yachts for classy and unforgettable sailing, a motorboat built for speed, to a catamaran that highlights comfort, the country’s charter boat services have them all.

If you’re not a DIY traveller, you can rely on guided tours and join other groups of tourists to experience these destinations hassle-free.

Beyond Sailing, Experience Local Dining, and Island Living

Croatia’s islands can accommodate all kinds of travellers, especially those who want to experience the country’s sailing, dining, and lifestyle highlights.


Another destination to explore is Korcula, known for its pigmented blue waters and sandy shorelines. It’s also a wine destination with vineyards producing wine worthy of its freshest seafood.


One of the bucket-list-worthy destinations you can visit is Kornati, a national park and one of the largest islands among the 140-island Kornati archipelago.

Your trip to Croatia won’t just be about sailing and cruising blue and crystal-clear waters. You can also enjoy a leisurely trip to remote islands and how locals have fun under the sun.


For fun-loving sea cruisers and travellers, Hvar’s vibrant local scenes, diverse culinary offerings, and convenient accommodations are for you.


If you’re more in the mood for sleepy beaches and much-needed self-reflection, Lastovo offers all that and more. This small settlement is the least sailed part of the country, a perfect sanctuary for quiet hiking, bird watching, and uninterrupted relaxation.


Croatia is not only popular among tourists and sailors. It’s also a must-go location for the millions of fans of Game of Thrones. Dubrovnik, for instance, is the real-life location of the Westeros capital, King’s Landing.

Fan or not, Dubrovnik’s bare limestones, steep cobbled lanes, and historic sites are something you shouldn’t miss!

These are just a few reasons to book your first trip to Croatia. See you there!