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Swisher Sweets should be at the top of your list if you want to buy one of the best cigar brands. Premium cigars made by Swisher Sweets are popular and frequently enjoyed by cigar lovers worldwide. So that you never run out or have to make an urgent trip to your neighborhood tobacco shop. It’s simple to stock up on these time-tested favorites with our online cigar store!

More about the brand:

Swisher (formerly Swisher International, Inc.) is a multinational tobacco company. Since its debut in 1958, Swisher Sweets cigars have evolved to include various flavors and blends.

Since 1861, Swisher has produced goods and exported more than two billion cigars annually to more than 70 nations. With its headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, the business conducts business worldwide. It has production plants in Santiago, the Dominican Republic, and Wheeling, West Virginia.

Why Swisher sweets?

Swisher Sweets are a fantastic cigar to try if you’re new to cigar smoking because they feature a smooth flavor that will improve your cigar-smoking experience. Swisher Sweets has refined its brand to produce the best flavor possible in its cigars. You’ll like their nice scent and the fact that they are never unpleasant.

The Swisher portfolio has expanded greatly over the years to include a selection of mouth-wateringly delicious tastes. These flavors appeal to smokers with a sweet craving, including chocolate, cherry, peach, and other exotic flavorings. The premium Swisher Sweets cigars, known for their traditional cigarillo sizes, are also available in Blunt, Corona, Perfecto, and Giant Vitolas for those who want a larger ring gauge.

The strength of these cigars is mild. Depending upon the variation, they boast rings with gauges ranging from 28 to 41. In contrast, their lengths range from 3 7/8 to 5 inches. The brand ensures something for everyone by offering both slender and thick cigars. They are packaged in resealable foil packets and guarantee freshness whenever you decide to store them.

Swisher Sweets come in various sizes, from Giant to Kings to Blunt, so you may choose one that suits your preference when you want the strong full flavoring and feel of a full-size cigar. These cigars come in a truly unique variety. Also, you can choose Perfectos, Slims, or the perennial favorite, Sweet Coronellas.

Swisher Sweets Variety:

There are many different sizes and varieties of Swisher Sweets available, including the original Sweets Cigars, Sweets BLK, Sweets Little Cigars, Sweets Filter Tip Cigar, Blunt XL, Santa Fe Little Cigars, Optimo Cigarillo, Optimo Coronella, Goodies Cigarillo, Blackstone Wood Tip Cigarillo, Blackstone Filtered Cigar, King Edward Cigars, King Edward Filtered Cigars.

There are wide natural and a variety of flavors of Swisher Sweets cigars. Sweet, grape, peach, white grape, strawberry, blueberry, wine, black, and tropical fusion flavors are among the available options. For people who favor a filtered cigarette, there are filter-tip cigars available.

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